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This is a Reshade Preset, complete with the shaders and Reshade binaries, that aims to improve, balance and bring more immersion to the Night and Thermal vision modes, added with tounx's XM2010 mod.

Permissions and credits
Main Requirements

1. tounx's XM2010(main ingame effects in MCM)
Complementary & Alternate Mods

1. unforbidable's Darker Nights (intended brightness is darkest setting)

2. tounx's HK USP (Quad nod goggles with animations compatible with XM2010)
3. Deathoctimus's TACTICAL FAST HELMET (Goggles used in screenshots) 
4. EvTital's Private Military Company (Goggles used in screenshots) 

5. Worsin's Ultimate Night Vision Alternative to XM2010(not optimized) 


1. Reshade:
Unpack and drop the files into Fallout4 main directory
NOT in Data

If you are NOT using the default Fallout 4 location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4

You have to open ReShade.ini with notepad and edit the Preset directory as shown below:

Make sure that you keep NV TV.ini at the end.

2. Night Vision Patch for XM2010.esp:
Place in Fallout4/Data or use your preferred Mod Manager.



In order to get the desired effects the following order must be kept:

 ....of course, you can experiment as you like.


The default key to toggle the Reshade Overlay window is the Home on your keyboard
The default key to toggle the Reshade On/Off is the Insert key on your keyboard.

In order to take screenshots with the effects, you need to capture them with Reshade and set a screenshot path,
as seen above.

By default, Night Vision effects are bound on the C key, and Thermal Vision effects are bound on the V key.

To rebind an effect, simply right click on the effect, click in the field and press the desired key.
To disable an effect, simply uncheck it and unbind it.

Bind them according to your XM2010 MCM keybinds (or other mod), so that both the ingame and Reshade effects are enabled with the same key:

XM2010 Keybinds in MCM:

Choose white thermal for thermal effect.


To Edit an effect, make sure you are not on performance mode,
and have the correct effect tab selected and make changes where you see fit with the sliders and vales.


Reshade Author:

Crosire: Reshade

Effect Authors:

Prod80: PD80Magical Rectangle, PD80Chromatic Aberration, PD80Film Grain, PD80Posterize Pixelate
CeeJay: Vignette, Border, Chromatic Aberration(CA), Extended Levels, Monochrome
Otis: Cinematic DOF, Adaptive Fog
TreyM: Tri Dither
luluco250: Light Depth of Field
Jacob Maximilian Fober: Perfect Perspective, Chromatic Aberration (Prism)
Ganossa: Fake Motion Blur

All credit goes to these authors for their amazing work and without them, this mod would not be possible.