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  1. RoKMod
    • premium
    • 12 kudos
    Hope that yall enjoy the dungeon, was really fun creating it! If you have any feedback (good and bad), make sure to give it back!

    If you enjoyed the dungeon, please leave an Endorsement and Vote so we can scare some more souls!
    Share any streams or videos on the mod (we love seeing everyone's reactions :D )! Same goes for screenshots!

    Also, if any of you would be interested in more content like this, let us know ;) .
  2. D1v1ne122
    • premium
    • 313 kudos
    The Children of Ug-Qualoth Redux is here!

    The redux version includes:

    - NEW Enemy Variants
    - NEW textures for a variety of assets
    - NEW combat music, sound effects, and soundscapes
    - NEW Narrative lore notes
    - NEW Dungeon Rewards
    - Improved performance in many areas

    Make sure to endorse if you enjoyed the experience! 
    For discussion, hints, or help join our Discord!
  3. D1v1ne122
    • premium
    • 313 kudos
    The next installment in the Ug-Qualtoth storyline is in development!
    Here's a teaser for what is to come!

  4. Muktar
    • premium
    • 0 kudos
    Killed a big bad monster after destroying the monoliths.  Which sent me to a hallway to a circular room, that I went around who knows how many times.  Center opens up, I equip the trinket, and nothing... Can't tell you how many times I went around and tried to find something interactable or just went around because that is how the dream went also.  Any clues?

    Thanks for the amazing mod!
  5. HuntersMoon
    • premium
    • 1 kudos
    So after completing the dungeon & picking up qualcite research book allowing me to craft the terror grenades I can't see them listed anywhere under all the chemistry station recipes. This mod came bundled in with the last edition of Lost World Overhaul so I would have thought load order would be all good & not overriding them or anything. Is there any other requirements I need to complete for them to actually appear in the chem station?? Certain level or Demo Expert perk unlocked maybe?? I've got 44 qualcite so definitely ready to brew me up some chaos grenades haha
  6. qpoljanan
    • member
    • 7 kudos
    I just finished this and I was impressed. My only qualms is that if you use any sort of enb filter, the entire dungeon is practically pitch black. Some of the walking sections can also really drag alot. 
  7. FableForge
    • premium
    • 267 kudos
    This is the only time in Fallout I've felt some amount of fear. Well done. Wonderful story and ambience, very polished. My respects.
  8. Vulturonix
    • member
    • 0 kudos

    - - -

    Once I finished the quest and roamed around Quincy I killed a raider and saw how some sort of green and black rift opened where he died and wonder what exactly just happened? Was it healing me or some sort of cool kill effect? (I had the Rapture sword in my inventory and killed the raider with a lever action rifle if that has anything to do with it)
    1. Vulturonix
      • member
      • 0 kudos
      Nevermind, found out it sucks in and damages nearby enemies
  9. StickyBandit63
    • member
    • 2 kudos
    Wow, so brilliant. I had such a great time with this DLC! From the creatures, to the lore, not a single thing I would change. Thank you for creating this masterpiece.
  10. Eversman6
    • member
    • 0 kudos
    Amazing mod with great story through the journals and diaries. Really impressed on the SCP-173 mechanics as well. Thank you for this!
  11. RedSarge
    • member
    • 3 kudos
    Having errors with BOTH "See You Sleep" [as per description] and "Go To Sleep" [switched to this to try and fix it].

    What occurs is after I rest anywhere, on any type of bed. I auto-save [Survival mode] and then it takes me to "The Unknown", makes a auto-save there. But Then I wake up, and my control are locked out, can't even open the Pipboy.

    Have to uninstall, as there is no way to quick start this quest to avoid the dream sequence.
  12. SoraBlade6
    • supporter
    • 1 kudos
    This was fantastic. I hope the sequel is still being worked on
  13. SAdams8782
    • premium
    • 21 kudos
    This is an excellent mod and it always freaks the hell out of me when I use it.

    Quick question for everyone, has anyone experienced an issue with this mod such as consistent CTDs occurring when loading a save file?  I had that issue with this mod a while ago and saw some others talk about it in the "bugs" section, but with no responses/assistance.
    1. deleted65729341
      • account closed
      • 14 kudos
      Have you tried checking the save files with ReSaver?