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Fixed Forms on ChadGadya's merge of AndySan84's Combat Helmet Illumination with Creation Club paints support and a VR patch with RandomMrBlue's VR Framework.

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NOTE: This is a compilation and patch of mods developed by Andrew Paroz (AndySan84 / AndyDaMage) that also includes a Creation Club paints patch made by Crossman. Chadgadya merged Andrew Paroz's work using FO4Edit. If you like this mod, please endorse the original Combat Helmet Illumination mod at https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7198.

All I did was renumber duplicate FormID's so that the merge works more properly. Then I patched it to work with VR.


Adds a functioning headlamp (the mining helmet light) to the Combat Armor Helmet, Tinkerer's Helmet, Far Harbor Marine Helmet, and Brotherhood Medical Goggles. Has the same light options as the mining helmet light. See Combat Helmet Illumination for a more detailed description. 


Use a mod manager (NMM or Vortex). Requires the Far Harbor DLC. Existing combat helmets in your inventory will not show correct light placement until you construct a helmet light at the armor bench. If you had been using the original Combat Helmet Illumination or Helmet Lights mods, you will likely not notice any changes other than being able to use the Creation Club paints.