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Made a copy of the Marine Wet Suit that actually works like the Chinese Stealth Armor

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"Lore"Prior to the Bombs dropping the US Navy had captured a Communist Infiltrator and recovered the Stealth Suit intact. Their engineers manufactured 5 working prototypes that we to be routed to a facility near Boston to be mass produced by Military Contractors. The Crate Containing the Prototypes has remained undisturbed under the waters off the Boston Coast for nearly 200 years. For clues to its location and some items to help you retrieve the armor, go find an abandoned tent on the East side of Fort Strong.

"Actual Description"
I made this just for the PS4 Crowd. What I've done is take then the Marine Wetsuit from Far Harbor and made 2 Versions of it with the same Abilities as the Chinese Stealth Suit. They are in a Red Vault Crate stuck in the Mud under water next to the Sunken Black Tugboat at Spectacle Island. Next to the Tugboat where you throw the Switch to unlock the Workshop at Spectacle Island. There is also a Full set of Marine Armor in there. The Full set with integrated helmet includes the ability to breath under water.

"Update 01-20-20"
Added a You Tube Video with a walk through on how to find the Crate with the Armors. There is now a Unique Crafting Bench to produce; the Navy Stealth Suits, Marine Armor, Marine Wetsuit, Army Fatigues, Military Fatigues, Military Caps, Army Helmets, Improved Assault Rifles, Improved Combat Rifles, Officer Pistols (Deliver Copy), Vanilla 10mm Pistols, and various "Military Spec" Ammo. This bench can be crafted at any Settlement, 4 exist in the world. 1 at the Spectacle Island Tug Boat with the switch in it, one at the South Boston Checkpoint, one in the National Guard Armory and one in the Parking Garage Under Fort Hagen. There are also some additional Legendary Weapons hidden around those same locations. [The Legendary Weapons didn't name quite right ut that's okay]

Also be sure to check out  Thuggysmurf's Depravity,Tangent24'sNorthernForest Settlement. as well as Envy's Nuka World Reborn.

If you have Questions or Suggestion you can reach me on the Discord 
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