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Special Operations always had their own gear, and now you can have your own gear in the Commonwealth

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Before the war there were always special troops who took on special missions, sometimes they were celebrated and sometimes no one knew who they were. Was Nate one of those spec ops soldiers? We might never know, but at least now we can use that gear in the Commonwealth to find out what's going on, and to take out some dirty Raiders! Simple mod, as all of ours are, craft this at the chemistry station, it only costs cloth, and that might get changed in the future. Enjoy ! 

-Rigging and Porting: BZW
- 2.0 Updates : SkeletonKingMods

-Assistaes: Svarttjern
-Model: Special Forces Officer
-GFX: Triangulum
-Screen Shots: Little Light
-Xbox One Porting: Moddymodmod