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Olivia Overnight Radio 1.
Radio station inspired by The Deb of Night from VTM:B. Right now you can't find her, nor is there any plans by the author of Quo Vagis to make a third installment of the Lolipopz mods.

• None

• The Red Seat and Grand Junktion are part of the Diamond City Expansion mod
• Lolipopz Magazine is a magazine you can help establish in Fallout 3 and conintue to expand in Fallout New Vegas.

- Diamond City Expansion - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21853

These are not necessary, but they make some of the commercials more entertaining.

• None at this time

♦ Cast:DJ Olivia Overnight (voiced by CrimsonWolff)
♦ Dugout Inn commercial (voiced by Aidenhall1022)
♦ Redseat commercial (voiced by SunshineDaisy)
♦ The Third Tail commercial (voiced by Swishnflick)
♦ Boston Library commercial (voiced by Zeusbeard (old man) and FlashyProgram (younger man))
♦ Combat Zone commercial (voiced by Naked Jake)
♦ GrandJunktion commercial (voiced by Mystic)
♦ Last Round commercial (voiced by Skullface)
♦ Bunker Hill commercial (voiced by FlashyProgram)
♦ Colonial Tap House commercial (voiced by Aidenhall1022)
♦ Lollipopz Magazine commercial (voiced by sturkmaster)
♦ Ghost Train for the awesome music
♦ Bensound and Purple-Planet for the large selection of royality free music
♦ GHST for making a great song and making it available to use!
♦ Statsmakten for his Diamond City Expansion Mod
♦ Belthan for his Quo Vagis and Coito Ergo Sum Mods
♦ Deb of Night from Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines
♦ Sean Penn for his excellent actign in "We're no Angels"