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Explore a dilapidated fallout shelter built by the enigmatic businessman Walt Whitman. Discover the sinister truth about what happened to the shelter by exploring several interiors and fighting robotic foes.

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The Whitman Family Fallout Shelter

A Fallout 4 Mod By culinwino
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The Whitman Family Fallout Shelter adds a large abandoned fallout shelter to the Commonwealth. Explore the shelter and find out the truth about the disappearance of the residents.

This mod adds...
  • A large fallout shelter, with plenty of pre-war loot
  • 1 mini-quest
  • 7 fully furnished interiors
  • Several dangerous robotic foes
  • Two mini-bosses
  • Several notes detailing the lives, struggles, and fates of the fallout shelter's residents
  • A small player home after completing the mod

Getting Started:
  • The Whitman Family Fallout Shelter can be located under the stairs in the small destroyed house next to Peabody House near Quincy Ruins.
  • A miscellaneous quest will point you in the right direction when the mod is loaded.

  • Base Fallout 4 Game

  • There shouldn't be any compatibility issues with this mod, unless another mod adds something near the shelter's entrance (Near Peabody House)


1.2 - 11/13/19
  • Added a small player home to the shelter at the top of the Maintenance area
  • Added Map Markers to both entrances to the shelter, the main entrance and the maintenance entrance to be used as a player home
  • Added variety to the ambient music playing in the shelter

1.1 - 11/11/19
  • Fixed gamebreaking bug preventing you from being able to enter the shelter

1.0 - 11/11/19
  • Initial Release

  • Story, Scripting, Level Design, and Writing by culinwino