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Makes unique brahmin protected and respawn if they didn't already. Also gives Trashcan Carla's brahmin a name.

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Reached the hot files! I didn't think this simple little mod would get that much attention. Thank you so much, everyone!

Brahmin fanart by Daria on tumblr: sabotensan.tumblr.com Thank you so much for allowing me to use your art ^^

The overview pretty much says it all! Unique brahmin are now protected and will also respawn if you do happen to accidentally (or intentionally, you monster) kill them. 

Rundown of changes made:
  • Clarabell, the brahmin at Abernathy farm, is now marked as Protected and will respawn if killed. 
  • Idiot, Doc Weathers' pack brahmin, will now respawn if killed. 
  • Spot, Cricket's pack brahmin, will now respawn if killed.
  • Ol' Girl, Lucas Miller's pack brahmin, will now respawn if killed. 
  • Trashcan Carla's brahmin, who was nameless, now has a name! She's now called 'Delilah', because it's cute and sounds like something one might name a pet. She will also now respawn if killed. 
  • esl flagged to preserve load order
  • *Optional file to name Carla's brahmin 'Dumpster' instead of Delilah.

Load order shouldn't matter toooooo much, but if you have other mods that alter brahmin, probably place this below those just to be safe. 

And that's it! Enjoy having your furless, horribly irradiated friends no longer dying in a raider shootout or something. Let me know if I missed any unique brahmin, or if you have any other suggestions or feedback~

I also highly recommend the mod Healthier Brahmins, they look much cuter. It's what I'm using in the screenshots.

Why'd I make this then? I'm from a family of dairy farmers, I LIKE MY COWS, OK? Also in my current playthrough Clarabell appears to have died, I guess??? I don't even know since she's just Not There anymore, and I'm bothered when anything uniquely named in BGS games dies or goes missing anyway. I'm a collector. I like my unique things alive. Including my unique bovines. If cows not dying ruins your game immersion then this probably isn't the mod for you.

*You can now also download this mod on Bethesda.net for PC, XB1, and PS4! Hooray!

Photo of my grandfather with one of my family's prize winning dairy cows (she only has one head though)