About this mod

This mod replaces 11 female NPCs ; Desdemona, Glory, Magnolia, Amari, Scara, Allie, Kasumi, Haylen, Ingram, Tina, Mcnamara.

also, This includes my own bodyslide option and face preset files. I have put a lot of effort into making this the best NPCs Replacer mod. Please enjoy :)

Permissions and credits

English is not my native language.
Please let me know if you have any difficulty understanding.

◆ Summary

This mod replaces 11 female NPCs ;
Desdemona, Glory, Magnolia, Doctor Amari, Professor Scara, Allie Filmore
Kasumi Nakano, Scribe Haylen, Proctor Ingram, Tina de luca, Gwen Mcnamara.

The main file requires Far Harbor DLC, but there is a No DLC mod in "OPTIONAL FILES".

You can choose between English and Korean(한국어!)
and each files contains my body slides option and face presets.

[2017.09.20 ] Now you can choose which NPC you want to replace,
also added the files that back to vanilla hair.
This is in the optional file.

Since I didn't work with fomod, you should menually download and select this options.
(There will be a "Meshes folder" in it. if you erase it, Ingram's nose will be strange. So don't touch it.)


If you have used the mod to replace faces,
You have experienced that their appearance in-game was different from what you expected to see in the sample image

But I made their face shape, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, blemishes, wrinkles, scars and so on very carefully to suit each character
and have reviewed from all angles and modificated their faces several times,
also photographed their faces at various angles.

So check out the sample pictures.

If you like this mod, Please be sure to endorse it!
It's really a great help to me.


[ n o t i c e ]

There was a bug with Ingram's nose and then I fixed it.

I downloaded some Face Parts Mods to make them, but I didn't like the face parts and eventually erased them.
But they remained and caused this.

I wanted to take out a part of the nose that she used and put it into the mod,
but because of my lack of ability, I put the whole face parts that I was using into the mod.

As a matter of fact, the updated mods have remnants of the face parts I deleted.
So, some female NPCs that aren't covered in my mod can be different from vanilla.

If you found such NPCs while using my mod
and Report it to me, I will replace them all as well as
one of a companion or an NPC that you want. 


◆ Comparison with Vanilla

I really appreciate "KloneWolf" who made this video!!

 But this video doesn't have "The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition" and some of my recommended mods.
If all required and recommended mods are working properly, they will look exactly like the sample photos.

◆ Required mods

1. LooksMenu and
   1-2. LooksMenu Customization Compedium
2. MISC Hairstyle
2-2. Ponytail Hairstyles
2-3. Commonwealth Cuts 

3. deLuxe Makeup

4. Appealing Moles

The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition

You must be choose this.

 Highly recommended mods.

Without these mods there is no problem with the operation,
but their appearance will not match the screenshot I uploaded.

Valkyr Female Face and Body Texture   "face texture only"
1-2. Ida Body Texture   I used the paler version.

2. Calient's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- and
2-2. Bodyslide

3. Eye Normal Map Fix Fallout 4 Edition
3.2 FCO - HD Eyes

4. HD smile

5. Decent ENB!!!

I realized that without this ENB there would be a big difference.
Their makeup and blemish are based on this ENB,
So if you don't have this mod, their faces will look really plain.

6. Female Neck Tweaks

choose this.

◆ The mods used in the screenshots.

1. Dave's Poses

◆ How to install

1.   Add the following lines to your "Fallout4Custom.ini" file located in "Documents\My Games\Fallout4":


It' not necessary if you have already used other mods.

2.   If you are using another mod that replace them
you will need to uninstall it.
Otherwise, it may conflict with my mod.

3.   You must first install the required mod listed above,
or place the esp file of those mods above my mod with the nexus mod manager.

4.   Finally, choose the option you want and download it.

◆ My other mod

Agemo's Gorgeous heroines

This mod replaces Cait, Piper and Curie.


It was released much later than planned.
I'm grateful to all those who have waited for my mod.

If my mod is listed in a hot file or
achieve as much as I expected,
I'm willing to make additional NPCs.
(Maybe I'll make a male companions or NPCs.)

But I'm very busy these days and even if I make it, it will take quite a while before releasing.
(Don't worry. The promised heather casdin replacer will be released soon.)

Thanks to everyone who downloaded my mod.