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About this mod

Add Battle Mech to your companion from Mech Warrior Online.

Permissions and credits
First of all, thanks to Piranha Games for allowing me to use the data.
All rights reserved for model data used in this mod belong to Piranha Games.

These technologies came from the far future.
However, current technology has not resulted in complete reproduction.
To solve this problem you have to wait a long time.
However, there is no pessimism. Yes, you can access this site.

This mod adds MWO's Battle Mech to robots that can be created with an automatron.
It can be equipped with 4 arms at the same time and boasts powerful firepower and robust armor.
As we use form list, there is a possibility that it conflicts with the mod which adds other Robo.
It does not consider the use in different combinations. Be sure to combine parts of the same series.

In Ver.0.5, two machines of Atlas and URBANMECH can be used.

It is Ver. 1.4 Added Mistlynx and Roughneck.

It is Ver. 1.3 which added the Kodiak now

It is Ver. 1.2 which added the Direwolf now

It is Ver. 1.1 which added the Timberwolf now
Since there was no plan to implement Timberwolf originally, the technology was not enough and the movement could not be reproduced.
Please enjoy the atmosphere.

It is Ver. 1 which added the centurion now.

Please check the changelog for all changes.

How to get:
There is no need to use anything in particular. It is possible to create with a little material.

Fallout 4 - Automatron

Use NMM or install manually.

Known Bugs:
Miscitem does not work in part.
If the robot is destroyed, physical operations will be bad. For now, I'm giving up the solution.