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Adjusts Wasteland Imports's healing powder to use a generic healing effect for compatibility with mods that globally remove food healing. Optional file additionally rebalances healing powder to not be useless when compared to stimpaks and other healing.

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Wasteland Imports added a lot of content from the older Fallout titles, among them being healing powder. However, when used in combination with mods like Removed Food Health which globally remove food healing, the item becomes completely useless as its healing effect is classified as food healing. This mod fixes that issue, making healing powder use a generic healing effect. 

In addition, there is an optional file you may use instead that rebalances healing powder to be more viable as an after-combat healing item, increasing its healing over time (from 2 HP per second for 18 seconds to 1HP per second for 72 seconds) as well as giving it a higher value (base value 15) and added weight (0.03lbs, same as New Vegas). Use it or the main file, not both.

Requires Wasteland Imports, obviously. Does not require Removed Food Health or similar mods, though it is intended to be used alongside it. If you wanted to, you could download the optional file solely to buff healing powder.