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Scouter addon for use with vulpine heads

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This game is an homage to sexy Hiking which is a game that itself is an homage to...wait no. we're doing scouters today.

This scouter is a rework of a Scouter by Ruddy88 that itself was a port of a Scouter by Volvaga0 

The mask in one of the images is my Vulpine Version CROSS Techmask and I personally recommend using both together.

The alternate lens texture being used in the images is from AGCP's Scouter Lens Retexture And while not necessary to make the mod work, I think it's not quite fallout without it.


You MUST have Ruddy88's scouter installed FIRST

Then you just drop the .esp and .ba2 on top of the old ones located at "Fallout 4/Data"

The next time you visit your chemistry station, you should find a new recipe under Utility titled "Scouter Vulpine"

Just craft one up and you're good to go. I just added a recipe and the new model piggybacks on the core textures and recipes, so it should be compatible with everything and accept all modules at the armor bench.

Q: It doesn't quite line up with my ears, what do?
A: I used the default head as a base and tried to be conservative with my placement to make it look at least decent on each ear type. Making it look perfect on each ear type would require either a very pointy shape to ensure it's always touching the ear fluff, or for me to make multiple different models and then make those either parts for the upgrade bench which would require learning more about how esp's work or creating like five different new scouters and AAAAAGH, please don't make me do more work, I'm just one wittle vixen q..p

Q: my nose is clipping through it!
A: How? give me screenshots so I can address it. Unless you've got a megasnoot that shouldn't happen.

Q: Could you make an edit of this to fit <mod name here>
A: Making this took four hours solid of work, making a version for every hat out there would be an absolute roman epic, so sadly, no, this was a one-off and is unlikely to see future expansion.