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Make your own Scouter to use in the wasteland, complete with custom mod options including night vision, targeting HUD and tracking module. Also includes a range of colours. Everything is changeable through an armor workbench.
Ported from volvaga0's Dragon Ball Z Scouter for Skyrim, retextured for FO4 by me.

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Ported and re-textured by Ruddy88
Original by volvaga0

Big thanks to everyone who liked, downloaded or endorsed my mod. Also big thanks to volvaga0 for the original mesh, VatiWah, Tyrannicon and Westname for the spotlight videos. 

If anyone has any issues with this mod, especially after updating from an older version. Before you try anything, please make sure you have completely uninstalled this mod then re-download it and make sure you are installing the most updated version of each file.
This seems to fix majority of any problems people have.

ipodtouchiscoollol has provided some great retextures for this mod for a less anime and more realistic approahc. be sure to give it a look!
*** Scouter Retexture ***

Also stumbled across this mod that adds the DBZ outfit to your character for those that want the full experience.
*** Dragon Ball Z Gi_Goku ***

Big Thanks to VatiWah for adding my mod to his video showcase, always a pleasure to see your stuff in action.

Also big thanks to Tyrannicon for featuring me in his weekly spotlight!

Aswell as westname for this showcase video.


V1.1 - First published release
V1.2 - Added focus enhancer - Briefly slows time when aiming down sights

V1.1 - Initial published file
V1.2 - Fix for incorrect master file
V1.3 - Fix for incorrect CNAM object for workbench


* Make left and right sided versions

* Fix global object (_GO) model
* Refine 'Focus Enhancer' modification
* Add optional first person tinted overlays.
* Try refine the glass alpha to be more consistent in both light and dark.


The Scouter has an optional upgrade for a targeting HUD, as seen on the power armor helmets.
I STRONGLY recommend going and getting Customizable Targeting HUD by C4PON3.
This will allow you to customise how your targetting HUD effect works, allowing you to display
different colours for hostile enemies and friendly entities. My mod uses the vanilla record that his mod changes, so 
his mod WILL work with mine.
Credit to guffeh for working out how to get the detect life to work independently on friendlies.
Also go check out his mod - Targeting HUD Eyewear

Another little gem I found for this mod is Outfit Switcher.
This little beauty lets you save outfits and quickly change between them via your favourites shortcuts. 
Works great for this as you can save your outfit with and without the scouter for quick enabling of it, that way you dont get stuck with nightvision or anything on all the time. Very useful. Trying to make contact with the author to see if we can figure out how to make the HUD options of this mod toggleable on their own (as far as I can tell it requires scripting, which I am not capable of at this stage).

Another important note.  If you upgrade from an old version, you may need to unequip and re equip the scouter for some changes to take effect.so far I think it is just the focus enhancer that requires this, as it uses a vanilla script and needs to update the armor to change the script, to be safe though just do it whenever your updating to make sure all changes are taking effect.


This mod adds a new eyewear option, the Scouter, to the wasteland for Male and Female.
Available in multiple colour combinations and optional HUD modifications including:
* Night Vision
* Targeting HUD
* Tracking Module (Recon Scope effect)
* Focus Enhancer (slows time when aiming)
* Added a Scouter for Dogmeat
* Updated AWKCR patch to allow dogmeat scouter to also be crafted at the workbench (same category)
* Added an optional Naming Patch, more info down the page.
* Cleaned up the file, removed unused entries (except 2 which I am still workign with)
* Changed world model to use the ModCrate.nif instead, wont break immersion as much.

The Scouter also adds a +2 to perception.

All of the colours and HUD options are upgradeable options at the armor workbench, meaning you can pick just one or two options, or have all three at once.

There are two files, the Main file contains the main mod, this is needed no matter what.
Just install through NMM or do a manual installation.

This mod also has a patch for AWKCR allowing you to craft the Scouter at the armorsmith workbench under the CYBERTECH classification.
To install this, simply install the MAIN file first, followed by the AWKCR patch in the optional files.
Obviously, AWKCR must also be installed for this option to work.
There are no overwritten records so load order should not matter, but to be safe, place the AWKCR patch AFTER the main file in your load order.

The only ways to acquire the Scouter is by either console commands or by the AWKCR armorsmith workbench (if you have installed the patch).
For console spawning, type "help scouter 4 armo" to display the ID, then type "player.additem xxxxxxxx" where the xxxxxx is the ID.
The ID should be xx4a000800, depending on your load order.

If crafting through the armorsmith workbench, the AWKCR mod and my mods optional patch will be needed.
Simply create an armorsmith workbench in your settlement (under crafting). The Scouter will show up under the CYBERTECH sub-menu.

The Scouter will always be crafted the same way. Upgrades can be applied through a vanilla armor workbench.
Upgrades include:
Lens colours (green, pink, blue, red)
Frame Colours (White or black)
HUD options (Night Vision, Targetting HUD, Tracking Module).

The HUD options can be added in any combination, pick just one, or have all three active at once.

I have now added a naming patch. The original INNR (the file that handles dynamic naming) reflects a more vanilla styled naming convention, EG: Red & Black Scouter.
The Naming Patch changes this to be more like my Better Armor and Weapon Naming Sorting mod, putting the name of the armor at the front and seperating the modifications afterwards with a | symbol.
Since this mod uses it's own INNR, it wont be affected by other sorting mods like mine or Vladicils item sorting mod so I added an option for those that hate the vanilla naming conventions.
Since it overwrites the Main File's INNR, you must install the Scouter_NamingPatch.ESP AFTER the Main File. 

If just using the scouter main file, your load order shouldnt really matter.
If using either of the patches (AWKCR and/or NaminPatch) then you must place the patches AFTER the main file (the other two can go in any order).
The AWKCR mod also, obviously, requires the AWKCR mod to be installed, since this is a ESM master file, it will automatically load before the patches anyway.
There should not be any other conflicts or issues with my mod in regards to load order.

This mod uses it's own INNR records, so it will not be affected by mods such as Vladicils armor and weapon sorting mod.
There shouldnt be any conflicts with using this mod with others, though any mods that change the
targetting HUD ENCH record or some of the MGEF records will also affect this mod. Pretty much every other record in this mod is unique.

There is currently one bug that is perplexing me. The GO model (the mesh that is shown when the item is dropped) was not working. 
I am still trying to get around this, but for now, I have just re-used a mesh from a vanilla pair of sunglasses as the world model. 
Ive done my best to line the mesh up to cover the ear and be placed over the eye, but obviously different faces may have higher set eyes etc.
If your character face is not fitting you can adjust the mesh in outfit studio easily enough.

There may be some clipping with certain hairstyles.

Focus Enhancer uses a vanilla script function to activate the slow time when aiming down sights. unfortunately I cant figure out how to dispel the effect when you stop aiming, it just goes until the brief duration of it has finished. Also results in odd 'floating' if you jump while still in slow time.

The new dogmeat scouter has some slight clipping issues during animations.
It also sits a little "stiff" on the head, I had tried to rotate it a little to conform to the shape of his head better but it wont register the changes. Its pretty close as it is though, will update screenshots to include it. [NEW]


This mod is a port from a Skyrim mod.
Dragon Ball Z Scouter by volvaga0
Without him, this mod would not exist.

guffehC4P0N3 for the detect friendly Targeting HUD (seriously! Go and install Customizable Targeting HUD
(It'll work with this mod and make it THAT much better).

AWKCR - Gambit77 & Valdacil - For the awesome modders resource.

For helping me on numerous occasions across all my mods. Thanks a tonne for your patience.