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An armor addon for CROSS Techmask for use with the Vulpine Race Mod

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This is an addon for Cross Techmask designed to look nice with Vulpine Race Mod

The scouter in one of the images is the Vulpine Race Scouter I made from Ruddy88's and I can't recommend it enough for use alongside this.


Make sure you have Cross Techmask installed FIRST, then drop these files in on top, overwriting where necessary.


There should be a new recipe at the chemistry station under utility called "Techmask Vulpine" it will accept any mods that the standard techmask accepts and should fit on any fox head.


Your existing mask will revert back to the original human model, and I'm sorry for that, but it was the only way to do this without a bunch of scripts being involved. You can give yourself a replacement using the command console, just enter "help techmask 4" and then "player.additem xxxxxxxx 1" with the x's replaced with whatever number came up next to "Techmask Vulpine"


All permissions open, use however in whatever wherever, just make sure to give credit to the original artists who made the original mask and the vulpine mod I tweaked it to fit, seriously, what I did here is the modelling equivalent of drawing a stick figure, these guys are making mona lisas, go pay them due respect.

Known issues:
>gaps in half face glass FIXED
>lopsided half face glass KINDA FIXED

Q: Why is my character's nose/jaw still poking through?
A: When I resized these, I loaded a default head into the editor and rounded everything up a bit to account for slightly bigger nose, cheek, jaw, etc. I then tried to account for jaw and cheek movements, but you have to realize this is a static asset and heads are morphable, if you give your character a really fat face it's going to clip through and there's nothing I can do about that.

Q: Why is the flashlight sticking out of the side like that?
A: moving meshes around is one thing, but the flashlights have a lamp component in them which I'd have to go poking around in other files to shimmy around. I don't feel confident doing that, so for now, having a flashlight that sticks out just a bit is the price to pay for convenience.