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Texture and material fix for all 4 types of pine tree branches in Far Harbor.

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Another pitch black flora fix.

Vanilla pine tree branches look more like charred wires.

So I was hoping that the high resolution pack would be better - that's very naive of me.

The same 2K diffuse (which still causes pixelated look when standing near a pine tree)
and 4K normals (which doesn't have any bark detailing, only base cylindrical shapes)

This mod fixes a list of issues:

- diffuse is 4K now
- diffuse has baked-in directional shadow removed
- diffuse brightness and color of the branches now matches the bark of the appropriate tree trunks
- diffuse and normal have manually painted micro bark details
- transparency maps have additional contour variation to reduce ideal straightness
- branch materials have been edited
  (disabled subsurface setting, enabled backlight power, to fake diffuse light bounce from the ground - less darkness when viewed from below)

All comparison images were taken with forced weather 15E.
(which is not typical for Far Harbor; it's common weather types usually are forcing darker shadows via some custom LUTs)