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Randomizes the faces and clothing of the settlement visitor system in Sim Settlements

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When I saw two NPCs with the exact same face, clothes, and name standing beside each other in one of my settlements I decided to look into giving the settlement visitors added through Sim Settlements a bit more diversity. Think is an option setting to turn on/off visitors in Sim Settlements so need to have it on for this mod to do anything.

I have taken the 34 male visitor NPCs and put them into a level list and the 38 female visitor NPCs in another level list. Then when a paricular visitor profession is created it randomly chooses the traits of the visitor 50% of the time from these level list of the same original sex. The other 50% of the time the random selection is from settler faces in LCharWorkshopNPCMale and LCharWorkshopNPCFemale level list. The traits include things like race, height, weight, voice, hair type, face texture, and facial morphs.

Because 50% of the time the trait data is from the default game level lists and these list have only 18 male and 18 female faces, it is best to use another mod that adds more variety to the settlers. Is a lot of mods that do this. A few of the names are Simple Settlers, Better Settlers, the New Settlers, Unique NPCs, and Facials for Everyone.

The other thing I have done is randomize the outfits worn a bit. For example every Blacksmith visitor would wear the same raider spike armor outfit. Now they will choose between Spike Armor, Cage Armor, or a set of Metal armor over a raider Harness. In addition 50% of the time they will wear either Welding Goggles, Welding Helmet, or Medical Goggles. I have done this type of randomization for every professions outfit. Sometimes with more items and sometimes with less depending on what I thought was appropriate.

esl flag is on so should not take up a mod slot.

Version 1.2 created to better support my new mod Sim Settlers Go Shopping. All the original female visitor faces used the voice labeled FemaleOld and I changed it to FemaleEvenToned because Settlers Go Shopping does not do some of the voices for the FemaleOld. Likely because the lines don't exist in the voice files. See log files for other changes.

My other mods:
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