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Expands the area NPCs will move around and do things

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This is an extension to what Settler Sandbox Expansion does. While that mod is concentrated on settlement NPCs this mod effects NPCs in other locations and in settlements. This mod does not change the same AI packages as Settler Sandbox Expansion so I recommend using or continue to use it. Both are in esl format so do not take up a mod slot.

This is more or less an experiment of mine that appears to work well enough that I am making it available to others.

The expanded area theoretically can have an impact on performance so if your low end machine stops playing as well remove this mod.

The packages I change are:
DefaultSandboxExteriorEditorLocation - This is the big one used by hundreds of NPCs.
DefultSandboxCurrentLocation - This mostly effects visitors with Sim Settlements but are some other popular mods that use it.
SanctaryDefaultSandbox - Used just by Mama Murphy, Preston Garvey, Surges, Jun Long, and Marcy Long.

Version 2
Version 1 did not change any packages that Settler Sanbox Expansion changed. With version 2 I am making changes to AI packages that Settler Sandbox Expansion changes to fix some small issues. You still want to use the Settler Sandbox Overhaul.esl loaded before this new version. Version 2 requires Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch If that is a problem for you then use version 1.
WorkshopSleep0x8 - Increased a second sandbox radius in the record.
WorkshopSandboxAtWork7x17 - Decreased the work hours for settlers by 4 hours. They are now scheduled to work from 7 am to 8 pm. I am not sure if this really changes things because the relaxation package I believe takes over at 8 pm anyway. Additionally if you use Sim Settlements it has its own work schedule.
WorkshopSandboxRelaxation20x4 - Made Settler Sanbox Expansion changes compatible with Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch changes and fix increase of NPC agro range because this change was not made for any of the other packages (but looked similar when editing).
WorkshopScavengeSandbox7x14 - Made Settler Sanbox Expansion changes compatible with Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch changes.

Other mods I recommend that also effect AI roaming area are Multiple Floors Sandboxing and Yagisan's Better Caravans (I personally edited out the modal changes with FO4Edit and just kept the AI package changes)

My other mods: