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  1. pendannadnep
    • member
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    I have something very strange happening with one of my characters. The first symptom was the bowler hat and baseball cap were invisible on any female characters, player or NPC. Then I found with this mod the 3 visitors in Sim Settlements which are female ghouls showed up with invisible heads, synth skin, and synth voice when I swap the triats through a template. The male ghouls and all the other humans do not have a problem.

    My other 4 characters using the exact same mods do not have these problems but I don't know what other peoples results will be so I have created an optional version of this mod which does not change the traits of the female ghouls. The female Tanner, Scavenger, and Lumberjack will always be a ghoul with this optional version. If you see the NPC with no head in your settlement and one of those 3 names: save the game, change to the optional version, and reload the game. Head should reappear on the visitor.

    Please let me know if this problem happens for anyone else or if know of some kind of a fix.
  2. starfis
    • supporter
    • 4,280 posts
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    Sim settlements had so many updates since this was released, and I'm curious if this mod is still working/needed?
  3. thediddy
    • supporter
    • 168 posts
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    I encountered a Lumberjack with invisible head and hands who talks like a gen2 synth.

    I also use facials for everyone as a settler face mod. I just installed your mod and will continue playing without the fix to see if this problem is consistent.
    1. pendannadnep
      • member
      • 172 posts
      • 23 kudos
      Thanks for letting me know. For the one play through it happens for me on I have another symptom. Certain hats do not show up properly on female character and female NPCs. I have seen it with the baseball cap and bowler hat but not all variations. The hat is invisible and the female has a bald head on top with hair below.

      The use of facials has no effect on the bug with the visitors. I also had the invisible hats before using either my mod or facials.
  4. User_57218227
    • account closed
    • 2,714 posts
    • 21 kudos
    Great work to add on to an already great mod!
  5. kinggath
    • premium
    • 3,470 posts
    • 2,408 kudos
    Very cool mod! This has been something I've been intending to do for a while and have only recently learned how the LChar/Template system works.

    I want to do something like this for the Conqueror Civilians as well.
    1. pendannadnep
      • member
      • 172 posts
      • 23 kudos
      You find sim settlement mods fast. I have not started using Conqueror yet myself. It is also funny how you do amazing stuff with mods and then say you just learned about some things I consider basic modding. On the other hand the template system can get very confusing. I have seen a lot of mods and Bethesda defaults with mistakes that hopefully I have avoided.
    2. BlazeStryker
      • member
      • 2,263 posts
      • 15 kudos
      I do believe that Kinggath has an alert set up for when a new mod has SS as a requirement, but it's great he checks it out, don't you think?

      As for your approaching mod functions from different origin points, I have to agree that you should have avoided the major goofs this way. Heck, this probably will work with Better Settlers/Unique NPCs without a patch!