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A lightweight mod that allows players to quickly complete the Institute storyline and main quests by adding a new unmarked location that gives you instant access to the Institute Relay.

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As requested by bktcarey on Bethesda forums, I present to you:

Available on PC [Nexus] and Xbox One [Bethesda.Net]
What does the mod do?
It adds a small unmarked location west of the Sanctuary Red Rocket to take over so you can instantly relay to the Institute. This gives players the chance to quickly and easily complete the Institute storyline and main quests. 


Thanks to theDeluxeSam for featuring the mod in their video!


Why did you make this mod?
A user on the Bethesda forums requested for it to be made, and here it is.

This mod is simpler than most people think [which may be a bad thing in the end]. When pressing "Relay To Institute" in the terminal, the script runs and teleports the player to a marker in the Institute cell. No quests are skipped or marked as finished, it's just a simple teleport to cell. I believe Bethesda hard-coded it so when it's the players first time entering the Institute cell, it starts the Institutionalized quest. This isn't something I did, but Bethesda has done. 

When I get more confident and learn more of CK, I will try implement a way that skips/sets all quests before Institutionalized to completed to avoid any potetional problems. At the moment, all Institute MQ quests work and can be completed. 

Will this mod work for quickly finishing other faction's MQ?

No, not currently. This mod is purely developed as a quick way to finish the Institute storyline in a lightweight form (only 50kb). If you are wishing to do this with other faction's MQ, I suggest using the SKK Fast Start Institute mod by the great SKK50.  

Is this mod lore-friendly/immersive?

Maybe. And maybe.


The mod consists of one small .esp file and a scripts folder.. To install it, drag and drop both the InstantInstituteAccess.esp file and the Scripts folder into your Fallout 4 Data folder or use a mod manager to automatically install it. Don't forget to enable the mod for it to work!

Uninstall through your mod manager OR delete the InstantInstituteAccess.esp file from your Fallout 4 Data folder.

In addition, you can also delete the Papyrus script for the terminal if you desire. You don't have to do this, but you can do it if you want to remove everything from the mod. To delete it, go into your Fallout 4 Data folder and go to Scripts > Fragments > Terminals and delete TERM_BigO_aTerminal_01001ED6.pex

Enjoy :)

14/03/2019 - V1
- First release of mod

15/03/2019 - V1.1 Hotfix
- Added container near hatch with Network Scanner holotape so it's possible to complete the "Institutionalized" quest

15/03/2019 - V2 "The Immersive Update"
- Removed original hatch, replaced with new unmarked "immersive" location to gain instant access to Institute

16/03/2019 - V2.1 Hotfix
- Hotfix, added missing Papyrus Fragment script for terminal into archive

22/03/2019 - V2.2
- Removed second Railroad door to allow completion of the quest "End of The Line". Why was the door in there in the first place? Normally to gain access to the Institute you must go through the Railroad. After your first confrontration with them, the door deletes itself. Since this mod skips that scene, the door is never deleted. This update fixes that. (warning: may cause some issues with other quests, but our testing shows that there is no issues)