Fallout 4
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Adds M150's vehicles as enemies (with enemies in them) in the Commonwealth. About 30 of them, at least 2 of each type and sometimes in small groups. Also edits a few values of his player vehicles.

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Another goof-off mod...seemed like a fun little thing to do, meld a little of our mods with M's mods...worked out well'ish.

Adds m150's vehicles as enemies (with enemies in them) throughout the Commonwealth.
About 30 of them placed, at least 2 of each type and sometimes in small groups.
You'll find them...eventually.
If you manage to kill the driver and the riders (if there are any)...you can take the vehicle. Bonus!

Also edits a few tiny values of M's normal player vehicles, really not a whole lot (as I bet it was already fantastic as is), just tailored a few odds and ends to be a little more in line with my preferences (and a few things from our mods).
Turning radius, some weapon modcol ratios, speeds, added a pseudo fake sorta acceleration, a few edits to the copter to give it a little swing, few other bits, etc etc, so on and so forth, lalalala...not much at all.

Should be good to install whenever, even if you've progressed through some of the mastered mods or built some stuff with them.

Compatible with anything the other ones are compatible with...or not compatible with anything they're not compatible with.
Frost? Who knows.
Horizon? Who knows.
Pickle'Da'Velociraptor Companion? Who knows.
Try them and see...and then tell someone else when they ask...or don't. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Credit to good ol' M.

Also TheWhiteCollarPlayers for placement.