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There was a big gap under the second A in fragmentation

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UPDATE: I was fairly sleep deprived when I made this so I'm pretty sure I only did half of the mesh on some of them, maybe all of them. Either way, only half of it might look good. So yeah, enjoy lmao. I'm not gonna fix it out of sheer laziness and because I can at least spin it around now to "fix it".

I don't know if it was an oversight or what, but after noticing this the second it appeared in a loading screen, and then just being too lazy to fix it. I finally decided to try using Outfit Studio. I'll admit it doesn't look that great and I'm not that good with meshes. So until someone better can add more polys to it this is it.

To install drag and drop the Data folder contained in the .zip in your Fallout 4 folder where the Fallout4.exe is or use a mod manager.

To uninstall manually drag and drop the Data folder contained in the .zip to your Fallout 4 folder and then press CTRL+Z you're not going to.