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A simple F4SE-based junk scrapper.

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This is yet another mod to help scrapping junk into the corresponding components. Using the magic of F4SE, it should be compatible with any mod-added items containing mod-added components.

Build the Scrapping Machine from Resources -> Misc. Connect it to a power source. Load it with junk. Wait for the "ready" indication sound to play. Take out your components.

The device should lock itself and become unscrappable while in operation. Both should go away when it's done.

There is now also a Workshop Scrapping Machine. It will scrap all junk in the current workshop when activated.

This mod requires F4SE. It will not work without it. I do not take any responsibility for loss of junk, loss of life, or spontaneous workshop combustion as a result of an attempt to use this mod without F4SE.

This is just a mod which uses F4SE scripting functions, not a F4SE plugin. This means, it is not version-dependent.

This mod is in ESL format. If you are using NMM, make sure your version supports it and you know how to enable ESLs.