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Bringing some culture to Boston. Tenpenny's Guitar Shop has relocated to the Commonwealth! 12 Guitars as weapons, wearable accessories, and craftable workshop items. Includes support for 'Visible Weapons' by registrator2000 to auto-holster weapons.

Permissions and credits
Source disclaimer:

Tenpenny's Guitar Shop was originally released for Fallout 3 by umpa
*Note the shop is mentioned as an homage to the original, there is no actual shop in this mod

So you're sitting there on a Saturday night... Places like the Third Rail be hoppin'. But you're staying in, again, all alone with no friends, and particularly no significant other. Just you, your hand, and that new CBBE preset that got waaaaaay too many endorsements. Hell, even the Gronk, the Super Mutant down the street has a date tonight with that cute girl, Jen from accounting. You had a girl once... You told her all about how rich you were going to be, how this treasure map was going to lead you to the riches of Jamaica Plain. Well, we've all seen how much that treasure is worth, haven't we? She dropped you faster than a combination wrench in an overburdened inventory when you came home with a tricorn hat and a folded up newspaper. Yeah, that's right, she's hanging with the Atom Cats now. I heard she was cheating on you with them before she dumped you anyway. Way to go. Loser.

What you have is a Doctor Weathers certified acute case of lameness. Nobody wants to be your friend because you're just not hip. You dance like a ghoul suffering from sciatica. You try to walk like an Atom Cat and trip over your own feet. Bobbi DeLuca's last words were, "My biggest regret in life is having met someone that lame." Nobody's showing you the milk of human kindness. Everyone would rather hang out with Marcy Long than you... My god, Marcy Long!! Even Solomon thinks you're a lost cause.

That's because you don't have a guitar my friend. A guitar is clinically proven to reverse the signs of lameness. Doc Weathers, whom I just paid, will attest to that. Get yourself a guitar and you'll be fighting the hotties off with it (Incidentally, our guitars make good weapons) in no time. You'll be the one laughing at Gronk when Jen from accounting comes at you like moth to lamp. Have you ever seen someone without a guitar laugh at a Super Mutant and live? No. You have not. Get yourself a guitar and laugh in the face of that Super Mutant. That's right, I said in his face. Get up in there, real close and laugh.

Be the baddest ass in the Commonwealth with an authentic guitar from Tenpenny's guitar shop!

Tenpenny's Guitar shop. It's Metal AF.

(Before and after picture of actual customer)

Authors Note: Guitars - collecting and playing them, are the third love of my life after my wife and my dogs. I'm proud to be able to bring these to you on FO4 finally. :)

NMM: Install like any other mod, activate plugin.
Manually: Dump the contents into your FO4 data directory. All files are in ba2 archive for easy cleanup.
MO and Vortex: Don't know. I don't use them.

Craft at the Chem Bench under "Tenpenny's Axes - Weapons"
Accessories: Craft at the Chem Bench under "Tenpenny's Axes - Accessories"
Auto-Holstering: This mod comes pre-configured to take advantage of Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster by registrator2000, however it is NOT a hard requirement for usage of this mod. The auto-holster simply won't function.
Workshop Wall items: Located under Decorations. NOTE: Settlement Menu Manager by cadpnq is required for Workshop items, however it is NOT a hard requirement for usage of this mod. You simply won't have workshop items.

Upgrades: Available at the Weapon Workbench. Be the music star of your dreams. From "Death Metal Star" to "Hipster Folk Star" each Genre upgrade includes a different effect.

Damage upgrades: To keep the item useful at higher levels, upgrades to the damage modifier are unlocked at level 25, 50, 75, and 100 - they will appear at said levels.

Why are the guitars upside-down when holstered?: That's how a guitar will look on your back when a right-handed player quickly and efficiently puts the guitar on their back.

Why is the Rickenbacker a lefty?: I don't know. I have it sitting the same as the right-handed guitars for consistency. Use your imagination.

Why do you keep calling it "Tenpenny's Axes" and then name the mod "Tenpenny's Guitars"?:
I like living on the edge.

How does the auto-holstering work?:
When the guitar is equipped AND sheathed, the guitar will appear on the PC's back.

How do I get my companions to carry one on their back?
: Craft an accessory guitar, put it on them, equip it.

Why isn't there an actual shop?:

Why isn't it working?: I don't know. This is a relatively simple mod. It's probably on your end. If individual items aren't showing or showing wrong, then it is probably a plugin typo and I will fix. Overall "just-doesn't-work" isn't me.

umpa for the original Tenpenny's Guitar Shop and open permissions. I just ported the meshes, redid collision, and wrote most of the plugin.
Thirdstorm for help balancing the weapon stats for gameplay.
RPGMMO117 for screenshots. It's pretty obvious which are his (the good ones), and which are mine (the bad ones).
Wanamingo for adding the flame enchantment to one of the upgrades.
cadpnq for Settlement Menu Manager.
Registrator2000 for Visible Weapons.