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A male player character preset inspired but not directly modelled on Prompto Argentum

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This is not meant to be an exact replica of Prompto from FFXV, because that would be impossible to create in Fallout 4, but it is inspired by him. Basically a cute blonde guy with freckles in his 20's, there's not enough cute guy presets in the nexus.
No need to be a FFXV fan to use this preset! Cuteness transcends fandoms.
Don't forget to check the required mods!

Recommended if you want him looking exactly like the pictures, but not required:
Super Hero Bodies
Simple Male Redux (Less Ripped Version)
Younger Male Face Texture

I thought wasn't required but turns out IS:
Eyes of Beauty All In One

Also recommended is:
A4 Higher Male Protagonist Voice 

It's not related to his appearance but the default deep middle aged voice might seem a bit strange coming from this face.