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A simple mod that provides a hotkey for toggling between normal headgear and power armor helmet.

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While this is not a F4SE extension (there's no DLL included), the Papyrus script uses functions from F4SE. You'll need version 0.6.10 or newer...

Also MCM is a mandatory requirement because otherwise you won't be able to assign the key.


While not in power armor press the key to save the equipped headgear.

Then while in power armor press the key to toggle between equipped helmet and the saved headgear. Works while in dialogues.


The mod has few options for lazy people (see the screenshot). All of them are disabled by default:

1. Automatically unequip the power armor helmet (and equip the saved headgear) during dialogues. Useful if the saved headgear boosts charisma...

2. Automatically unequip the helmet when entering the power armor. Automatically equip the helmet when exiting the power armor (actually this will store the helmet inside the power armor, so it won't remain in player's inventory). I assume these options are useful for the ones that like to wander around in power armor, but without the helmet equipped.

3. Automatically equip the power armor helmet when the player enters combat and then equip back the saved headgear when combat ends. 


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