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Are you tired of settlement attacks? I am.

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Absolutely requires a NEW GAME and must be installed before New Game is pressed in the main menu!!!

Over many, many hours of gameplay I have grown tired of settlement attacks.  Getting a notification that a settlement is under attack while I am in the middle of a quest, or trying to complete something that I specifically want to complete just got annoying to me.  I looked around and didn't see many options out there, so I decided to make my own.  Also, I didn't want to affect any quests or any other part of the game.  So, I opened up the Creation Kit and did my best to figure it out.

This mod will stop settlement attacks at all vanilla and DLC settlements except Vault 88.  The reason Vault 88 is an exception is that they seem to work differently at that location.  I didn't clearly understand how they work, so I decided not to touch it and screw something else up.  That being said, something that was important to me was to touch as little as possible with this.  This mod does not touch any quests and changes only one setting.

As far as compatibility goes, this should be compatible with anything as long as its not a mod that increases settlement attacks (obviously, but if you are using those you probably wouldn't be looking at this).  I have no idea what will happen if you are using the Ambush Kit from Creation Club.  I don't own it, so I can't look at it.  And I have no interest in it either, so I have no plans to buy it.  I would imagine that there may be an issue, but once again, I don't have it.  Also, I do not know if it works with VR.  I have no reason to think that there would be an issue, but I do not own it so I cannot test it.

It should also be noted that if you are concerned with settler/settlement happiness you still need to build defense.  From my understanding, defense is part of the Happiness calculations.

There are 3 files here.  One is for the base game with no DLC.  There is also 1 for Far Harbor and Nuka World.  These can be used in any combination and are not dependent on one another.  For example, if you have both FH and NW and you want to stop attacks everywhere, you would install all 3 files.  If you just wanted to stop attacks at the DLC locations you would install just the FH and NW files.  This would allow attacks to occur in the main world while stopping them in the DLC worlds.

These plugins are .esp with the ESL flag set.  This means that they can sort normally in your load order, but do not count against your plugin limit.  As far as load order:  I have been using these at the top of my current load order so I could see if they were being overwritten by any other mod I am using.  However I believe that they could be anywhere in your load order.  I would leave them where ever LOOT puts them.

This mod has been tested with both a vanilla setup and a fairly heavily modded game, and it seems to work with both.

That being said this mod MUST BE INSTALLED BEFORE YOU PUSH THE "NEW GAME" BUTTON IN THE MAIN MENU!!!.  This will not work with an existing save, it absolutely requires a new game.  There are ways to change this in an existing game, but I do not yet have the scripting ability to do that.  This may happen in the future, but not at this moment.

If this seems to work for PC users I will port it to consoles in the near future.

First you must enable modding for Fallout 4.  I would suggest watching Gophers video on Enabling Modding in Fallout 4

After that, install with your favorite mod manager.  I use Mod Organizer 2 (get the version from the Skyrim SE  page that I linked, not the Fallout 4 page, it is more up to date) but you can also use Vortex.  It should not matter which one you choose.  

If you install mods manually then you already know what you need to do.

Recommended Mods:
Other than the obvious, the first two mods make changes to the scripts that make workshops and settlements work in the game.  And the changes they have made are large improvements.  You can see more details on those mod pages.
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch:
Workshop Framework:
Workshop Plus
These two mods never leave my load order any more:
Sim Settlements
Personal Storm Shelter

Without making this a Oscars acceptance speech, there are some folks who deserve thanks.

Bethesda for both the game and for the Creation Kit.
BigandFlabby.  Cant say enough about how they have helped me.  Really, all the thanks in the world.
Cpt. COOTS from the Sim Settlements team.  Never would have figured out what I was doing wrong without these fine folks.
Kinggath.  He helped put me in touch with the people above, and has been gracious in answering the odd question here and there.
IDontEvenKnow  I didn't know that a mod like this was a possibility until after using Logistics Station
The Old Farts on the Steam forums.  They taught me how to mod.
TC (Games) for helping test this.
RaistlinMajere69 for helping me test the fomod installer.

Thank you all.