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This mod adds a storm shelter / interior settlement to the Sanctuary Player house. It is intended as a quick start for the returning Survival player in a heavily modded game.

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Shelter from the Storm

Thank you for your interest:

This is not my first mod, but it is the first one I’ve made that was always intended to be shared with the community right from the start. All assets are vanilla, and I will be porting to all consoles eventually. I still need to learn what’s involved.

 This mod is intended for the returning veteran survival mode player, but it’s also a pretty good start-up for first time Survival mode players as well. It was originally based on one of my favorite mods of all time. The Riverwood Hunters Cabin from Skyrim. A simple one room shack overlooking the village, which gave you just enough of a “leg up” to allow the player to survive a heavily modded “Needs” based early game; without ruining it. I’ve attempted to do the same thing for returning survival mode players in FO4… and I think I have, but I’ve taken it a step or two further. I’ve built in several floor plans of different sizes based on your play style.

If like me, you enjoy the intended “lone wanderer” play through, take your lore seriously, and your companions one at a time as the game presents them; then the “Compact Personal Shelter” will be just right for you. It’s basically the same 2X3 Floor plan from the hunting cabin. Just the right size for a player, their favorite puppy, and a companion to get out of one of those killer modded rad-storms in the early game.

 If you travel with more than one companion, and your faithful dog, or just want a little room to spread out. The “Family Personal Shelter” adds an additional 2X2 room, and a 1X2 room as well. Still very lore friendly, but with a little extra space.

 The “Large Family shelter” adds an additional 2X2, and 2X3,room to the compact shelter. Lore sort of takes a back seat to function here. This floor plan was intended for returning players who already know they are going to travel with multiple followers, or want the room to craft, and display their trophies.

 The “Extended family shelter” adds the original “Personal Family Shelter” to the “Large Family Shelter” … Your own little underground empire. No, I don’t consider it lore friendly. But I included it for players traveling with a bloody posse. (You know who you are) I wanted this mod to support as many different play styles as possible.

As to furnishings … You can call me the "Anti-Elianora" (And I say that with love, and respect) The shelter is a fully functioning interior workshop, just like Home Plate; stocked with a reasonable supply of materials. Enough to furnish the smallest unit comfortably, but you will run out in the larger floor plans. Good, that was by design … play the game to get more. I included what was needed to build what you want, where you want, and how you want it. It will always be perfect because it’s just what you want and nothing else. Decorate the shelter yourself with whatever mods you’ve chosen.

Mods Used in the screen shots:
Modular Kitchens, and Craftable working Showers and sinks Redux, but what you choose is strictly up to you. I’m just providing a nice empty space.  

Modular Kitchen
CWSS Redux v2

 As to weapons and armor; I took stock of the sparse lore in the opening of the game, and included a partial worn set of vanilla combat armor. Sorry it’s not legendary, but it is stealth material a few levels earlier than you would see it in game. Nate is a returning Combat Veteran, Bethesda needed to give the poor man a little credit for his “Life Experience” I’m just filling in a dramatic oversight in my opinion. You are under no obligation to wear it; his uniform is simply hanging in the locker. You’re all big boys and girls, and I’ll assume fully capable of making up your own mind as to what is lore friendly.

The same goes for weapons. I crafted three legendary weapons. His service sidearm; the ubiquitous vanilla 10mm, but with a silencer. A vanilla Combat rifle, and a combat knife.

The knife is basically the same as Pickman’s … there really isn’t much you can do to a combat knife. It was added strictly for completeness. The legendary perks on the other hand were custom designed, and blended into something I felt was special. Much less over powered than the original legendary perks. As I say in the descriptions, a little faster, and lucky. They feel different from the vanilla weapons, more “real”. Nothing is given for free, but if you bother to aim; they behave exactly the way you expect. They also can be buffed a bit more, and will level with you. If you give them a chance I think they might be the only “light” weapons you carry through the entire game. I spent a great deal of time balancing these legendary perks. Look elsewhere for G-d weapons, I’m not here to ruin anyone’s game. These are your legendary weapons, waiting on you to become the legend.

Installation / Un-installation
is via your preferred manager, and placement in the load order can be left up to LOOT. There should be no conflicts with any other mods, unless they alter the Vanilla player home. And even then, there should be pretty much no conflicts. While it’s not required for you to load this mod only in a new game, that is the way it was designed, and intended. (Adding a one room storm shelter when you’re already the mayor of a dozen settlements and sporting an X-01 PA seems slightly moronic, unless you just want to try out the weapons :)