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Replaces the Bottlecap with a 1788 commonwealth coin.

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What I have done is replaced the bottlecap model with modified model of the original and a custom texture that I have made complete with proper normal maps. I am quite happy with how it turned out. (considering this is the first time I have done something like this from scratch). I have also made a compatibility patch for bank of the commonwealth. and changed all of the message boxes (no terminal entries because I have no idea how they work) that mentions "caps" "bottlecaps" to "coins" and "commonwealth coins"

I didn't change the base game actual dialogue because A: it's voiced and B: it would take a LOT of work. work that is very tedious and would take a very long time to sift through and find every single instance of the word "caps" or "bottlecaps". however, if anyone else want's to do it I give permission to do so, and even to pack this mod in it.