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  1. Rumbaz
    • member
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    It's saying archive damaged when i try to open it after i have downloaded it...
  2. lothorie
    • member
    • 5 posts
    • 2 kudos
    No offence, but worst mod ever.
    I know that F4 is too far from original fallout PC and table games....but DUDE, this mod will kill the last thing that make us think about that setting
    1. BruceBanner2010
      • supporter
      • 179 posts
      • 4 kudos
      I find the actual lore stupid that they trade with bottlecaps when they still have actual money in the world . Barmy :p Also , why do people need to have dirty characters when there's plenty of unradiated water in the Fallout World . People take some of the lore so seriously they impede the fun of their own game when they dont have to . What's so unrealistic about a coin ? There have been coins in the world since Roman times
    2. pyroach
      • member
      • 50 posts
      • 1 kudos
      Right? Don't even get me started about how after 200+ years there is literally only one man in the entire game who knows what paint is.
    3. IRORIEH
      • member
      • 95 posts
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      You do know that only Fallout 1 used bottlecaps, and 2 used NCR Dollar right?

      It doesn't make sense that every region uses bottlecaps, a currency created by Californian traders in the Hub universally, but have no idea what the New California Republic is...
  3. chugs1984
    • supporter
    • 13 posts
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    Hey dude, i think the problem is that if you can mint a coin then so can Barry over in the raider camp (or at least he would be kidnapping your Master of the Mint guy).

    Soooo the wife came up with a great alternative that you could change your mod to. Teeth.

    Think about it. The only way to get teeth is to either go picking skulls. Therewfore they require time to collect thus have a value. The only otherway is to either kill (or smash the teeth out of their mouth). Animal teeth would be like counterfeits. The desperate could like extract their own teeth.

    They're easily recognisable and outside of the aforementioned sources they're almost impossible to accurately copy. Everyone would be able to tell a fake from the real thing.

    So yeah, replace the coin with teeth.
  4. quietwolffallout
    • member
    • 288 posts
    • 4 kudos
    any thoughts of adding a form to this like stash those caps mod were you can put away your money.
  5. Lythael
    • member
    • 717 posts
    • 10 kudos
    very cool, but you should also consider changing the UI sounds etc to something that sounds like gold in typical rpg games :) finally someone made smth like this, thank you. The whole bottlecap currency thing doesn't make sense, it annoys me bethesda keeps using it just cause it seems 'cool'. In FO1 it was explained they're using it since it backs up value of purified water that caravans trade in or something, FO2 used some kind of gold coins instead.

    Not to mention how ridiculous it'd look trying to lug 10k bottlecaps to a store and how easy it would be to forge them - what you'd do to avoid being scammed, count each cap by hand?
    1. quietwolffallout
      • member
      • 288 posts
      • 4 kudos
      as long as there is a form of currency there will always be a form of counterfeit. look up the lore of bottlecaps its basicly how american money used to be backed by gold. its a rare and precious object that holds a value and you were handed a paper note that just showed how much of said gold you had. gold cant be produced it can only be mined which gives it a limited supply.