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Model swaps all vanilla missile launchers with The Shiny Hax's RPG-7V2 weapon mod

Permissions and credits
Replaces all vanilla missile launchers with Robersonb1's (aka The Shiny Hax) RPG-7V2 weapon mod.

Overwrites HaxRPG7.esp. The original weapon mod is REQUIRED for assets.

  • All replaced weapons will be named "RPG-7" in-game
  • This mod model swaps the unique weapons "Death From Above" and "Partystarter" into the RPG-7V2.
  • Replaced weapons use vanilla missiles as ammunition instead of the custom rocket propelled grenades that come with the original weapon mod
  • Contains edits to the Supermutant missile leveled list record. Removed the missile launcher from super mutant leveled lists and gave them Super Sledges since they cannot use weapons with custom animations
  • The meshes and models of vanilla missile ammunition have been changed into the meshes/models of the custom rocket ammunition from the RPG-7V2 mod

1. Download and install: RPG-7V2 by Robersonb1: 

2. Make sure the esp for that mod is activated and all the assets from it are in your Fallout 4 data folder

3. Install this mod. Select the replacers you want in the installer and click finish

4. Make sure your mod manager overwrites the original esp. You must allow your mod manager to overwrite any files for the replacer to work

5. Done

Simply uninstall with your mod manager, but remember: the golden rule of modding is not to uninstall anything mid-game. This mod makes data changes that may be irreversible, so you may have to load a previous save that hasn't seen this mod.

Known Issues

There seems to be a floating object just above the front sight post whenever an NPC holds the weapon. Not sure what causes this, but it appears to be cosmetic only.

This issue doesn't seem to be present when the player character holds the weapon (except for when in power armor, then it is present).

See screenshots for example.

Mods Used
(Required) RPG-7V2 by Robersonb1: 

All thanks goes to the team that created the RPG-7V2 weapon mod:
Mr. Rifleman: RPG and Scope model
FX0x01: Original texturing and rigging
ImBrokeRU: Eotech model and textures
Vitalionism: Barska model and textures 
Aday: Lens textures
Hitman47101: Fire animation
Tigg: Rail Section 
NWI, Overkill Studios: Sounds
Tripwire Interactive: Rocket model
The Shiny Hax: All RPG, Scope, and Rocket textures, animations, and pretty much everything else 

- Armor in screenshots is from the thread "Outlawer's Fo4 outfit pack" by kjh1222b. Found on in the subforum "Fallout Public Armor Mods"
- Eye pro ballistic glasses in screenshots is from the thread "Outlawer's Fo4 outfit pack" by kjh1222b. Found on in the subforum "Fallout Public Armor Mods"