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Carefully crafted to resemble 2B from NieR: Automata (2017) as much as possible. Uses a modified head mesh and custom textures with tweaks to Sun's 2B hair and an optional file that requires Hi-Poly Faces to make the face virtually a standalone preset.

Permissions and credits
Ver. 2.0 Released!
2.0 includes new textures and a new tweaked headmesh that improves the look and resemblance to 2B! 

*Note on Makeup*
For some reason, LooksMenu refused to load makeup and face tints correctly while I was play-testing the preset. If you come across issues where your character has weird make up or skintone, please do the following:

1. Go into the "Extras" in the looksmenu.
2. hit the "Remove all" key.
3. Go into the "Makeup" menu and set the following face tints:

- Eye Waterline, Color 4
- Eye Shadow 2, Color 1
- Eye Shadow 3, Color 1
- Eye Lower Shadow 1, Color 1

4. Hit accept and Enjoy!

Carefully crafted to resemble 2B from NieR: Automata (2017) as much as possible. It uses a custom head mesh, custom textures and tweaks to Sun's 2B hair.

Due to use of a custom head mesh, the base version of this mod is incompatible with mods such as Female Neck Tweaks by TheMalevolentTrout. Using the base version will also edit the face of all other female NPCs. That is why I made an optional version that uses HiPoly Faces by SQr17 as a workaround to make the face standalone.

*Note that using the HiPoly Face version will not use a hi-poly face model; it was too much of a hassle to make it HP and look good.*

This mod is compatible with most face texture replacers, as I edited the lesser used piper head textures. (typically the 1st/ smooth option, as it's known in game.)

Be sure to say "yes to all" if it asks you to overwrite something.

Looks Menu Customization Compendium
deLuxe Makeup

Sun's Hepsy Hairs
Adjusted Head and Neck Size - Optional ("Closer to Vanilla" or "Vanilla head, short neck")
 HiPoly Faces - Only if you use the "Standalone" Version.
*Only use the "HiPoly Faces" and "HiPoly Faces - Light ESP" , do not use any other HiPoly Face files as they may cause weird bugs.* 

*Credit goes to all respective mod authors for all the mods used in the screenshots and required for the preset.* 

Special Thanks to:
 -Bethesda for keeping Fallout afloat.
-DaveTheDrunk, FemShepping, TrophiHunter, et al. for the poses used in the Screenshots.
-SunJeong, for letting me edit her 2B hair model.
-Taro Yoko's insane mind and Square Enix for the NieR series.