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Model swaps laser guns, institute guns, and laser muskets with Deadpool2099's Wattz Laser Gun. Optional plugin without laser musket is included

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This replaces all laser weapons (excluding the gatling laser) into Deadpool2099's Wattz Laser Gun. That includes laser guns, institute guns, and the laser musket if you choose the plugin with that included. 

Replaced institute guns will have the Intitute paint which lets the weapon shoot blue lasers instead of red. Laser muskets will shoot semi-auto. You or any Minutemen can fire off a few shots before reloading. 

This will replace the companion weapons for Danse, Deacon, Ingram, Curie, and Preston (again, optional if you choose the plugin with laser muskets).

I have seen super mutants use the replaced weapons just fine. If there are any known issues with them, please report it. 

Known Issues
- When using the plugin with laser muskets, Preston's companion weapon is only partially replaced. The model will be replaced into the Wattz Laser Gun. but the animations will not carry over. He will still use the default laser musket animations, which means the weapon model will look janky whenever he reloads. Everything else will be fine otherwise. He can still shoot and kill enemies and his weapon looks fine when not in the reloading animation. If that is a deal-breaker for you, use the plugin without changes to laser muskets

- Animations are currently broken whenever an NPC shoulders cover using their right shoulder. See pics below for examples

Mods Used
(Required) Wattz Laser Gun by Deadpool2099 -
(Not required, highly recommended) Wattz Laser Military Paint ReTexture by OunceStripes -

- Deadpool2099 for granting me permission to make this and for making a great weapon mod
- U653748 for the ODST armor used in the screenshots. Found in the "[FO4] UNSC Armory 1.0" thread on

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