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Finally! A way to recharge those pesky Fusion Cores. Ever wondered why on earth anyone would just toss a perfectly good nuclear battery? Well now you don't have to! This mod adds a misc item to the game, as well as a crafting station for recharging Fusion Cores, thus making them less of a nuisance, and much more of an asset!

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin

  • Receive "Spent Fusion Cores" when Fusion Cores are depleted in Power Armor or Gatling Lasers.
  • Ability to drain fusion cores of their energy to be used later (if you so choose).
  • Ability to Charge fusion cores using stored energy.
  • Unique Crafting Table "Fusion Recharging Station" (Uses the Fusion Generator assets).
  • Stored energy generated over time for use in recharging (5/hr).
  • Easy to use UI for recharging/draining to your heart's content.

As stated above, this mod adds a new misc item, 'Spent Fusion Cores', to the game. This item is pretty much self explanatory; when you use up a fusion core, you receive a spent fusion core. Spent Fusion Cores can be used at the new crafting station to create Fusion Cores, only there's a catch: to recharge a fusion core you need both a spent fusion core, and 100 charge units. Charge Units build up in the Fusion Reactor (recharging station) at a rate of 5 per hour (enough to recharge 1.2 fusion cores a day!). The Fusion Reactor requires 100 power to do this, but does not need to be directly connected to the power grid. Just place it anywhere a lightbulb would light up, with enough power to light up a small town and you're good to go! 

You can also drain existing Fusion Cores for energy. Say, if you have like 20 partially drained cores, you can drop em in the reactor and drain, then recharge them into however many fully charged fusion cores, ect. It should be pretty straight forward, really.

To charge Fusion cores, just drop your spent cores in the crafting station, exit the crafting station to trigger the menu, and select charge.

Is this even necessary?
Make sure you have Bbaronx Scripting Library.
For a manual install, open the zip file and drop the contents into your fo4 data folder (or just use a mod manager)
For a manual Uninstall, open the data folder and delete the files you dropped in previously (or, y'know... just use a mod manager)

Måns Grebäck -Font - Southern Aire, licensed for commercial use to GallumX.
Bbaronx - Mod - Did all the heavy lifting. Bitch at him if there's something wrong with the mod.
GallumX - Mod Page - Did nothing too important. Bitch at me if you're offended by the page, or mod media.
storvon  - Asked Bbaronx a long time ago if it'd be possible to recharge fusion cores using charging parts. Turns out it is.

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