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Has some simple scripts, and functions to be used as a resource in whatever you want.

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This is a totally free resource for pretty much anything, distributed under the unlicense. The TL;DR is you can pretty much do anything but sue me.

Github is here: https://github.com/Bbaronx/Fo4-BbaronxScriptLibrary

This page and the github are the only OFFICIAL places to get this. If you see it somewhere else, it wasn't me. I don't CARE if it's uploaded somewhere else, but I didn't put it there.

Keep in mind the following list is subject to me updating it. If the main file is newer than the following date, I forgot to either update the list, date, or both. Just check the github, I intend on setting up the wiki, but I've also tried to comment the scripts so that they can be followed along to be modified/improved/adapted, or at worst used as they are without needing a wiki.

as of January 1, 2019 includes the following:

modBSL_VERSION - Release version of the mod, starting with 1.0 and saved as a constant. Will be incremented as scripts are added, not just as the ESM has features added, so primarily exists as an extremely easy way to version check from pretty much anywhere.

modBSL_MainQuest - Quest used to control/run scripts associated with the mod, as of version 1.0 runs the timer script.

Quest Scripts
Bbaronx_AddPerks - add perks on start
Bbaronx_AddSpellsOnStart - Add spells on start
Bbaronx_PlayTextbox - play a textbox on start
Bbaronx_AddMiscItemsOnStart - add misc items on start
Bbaronx_PlayNotification - play a notification (top left corner) on start
Bbaronx_AddAnyOnStart - Add ammos, armors, books, misc objects, spells, perks, and/or weapons on quest start. Kind of a catch all, and yes, I guess it *technically* makes the other addXonStart scripts useless, but I'd already made them and It'd be a shame to waste them.

ActiveMagicEffect Scripts
Bbaronx_IncrementGlobals - increment a global when spell fires

Quick Q & A:
Q: Can I....
A: Yes.