Fallout 4
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These modifications make many glass, ceramic, and other things destructible!

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Part of an ongoing series of modifications intending to make Fallout 4 more realistic and immersive.

Breakable glass bottles, ceramic vases, and more!

Three .esp files control different aspects of destruction: glass, ceramic, and filled.

Filled: Items that are filled with things (including but not limited to drinks/foods) are destructible.
*Frenzy Gas Canisters:*

You're going to love the features in these mods!
- You can hear the glass/ceramic shards as you walk over them.
- All of the different vases with flowers in them? You can destroy them and then collect all of the different flowers!
- You can sell the flowers, decorate with them, or you can BURN THEM!!
- You can shoot propane tanks, and they will leak gas in the air.
- You can shoot gasoline and oil canisters and they will leak on the floor.
- Items that contain fuel, oil, gas, or chemicals emit gas/oil traps when damaged.
- You can shoot and spill paint cans.
...and much more...

No Requirements
Simple Installation: Extract or drag and drop into Fallout 4\Data

Shardz and Spillz
Smash and Scorch
Shocks and Sensors
Shotgun Salaries

I plan on updating these mods as time goes on, adding more things to destroy, fixing problems, and etc.

Thank You for checking out this project. I worked hard on it.
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