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    hey i love you lol

    was searching for mods to make enviromental combat

    let me pitch a mod to you, because all the moving parts to it are already around. it takes a guy like you to put it all together

    lol all i want to do, is be able to rotate vertically, and move any item anywhere. anytime, creating destructible barricades on the fly.
    all with the ps4/xbox control
    ive compiled a list of mods here that achieve this,
    separate they dont function as well as what they could if someone smart puts them together into one mod

    Drag Anything
    this mod lets you drag anything, there is a few like this, but heavy objects act heavy with this mod
    Build and Scrap Beyond Workshop Boundaries
    this mod lets you build anywhere without spawning a workshop as long as you own the nearest settlement
    Place Everywhere
    this mod lets you pick up and place anything but not conveniently fast enough, you must use the keyboard, to rotate verticaly and snap object and so on, needs controller support,
    Scrap Everything
    this mod lets you scrap anything,

    this mixed with a few others listed below can make up the best mod i can imagine in fallout 4 for combat,

    imagine for a moment being able to push/vertically rotate object like cars, bookcases, and chairs around,
    like when you drag a body, but without the workshop mode
    imagine a raider or ghoul is after you,
    you run inside and push the nearest fridge or bookcase infront of the door, to barricade yourself, just like real life,
    the 2 things id ask for on top
    1 is for those objects to be able to be nudged abit if walked into, or blown about by explosions so that eventually the barricade will fail.
    and 2 so that heavier objects are slower to push around, so that big wide object i want to move is as heavy as it should be,
    giving me a reason to use a smaller object like a chair instead, a chair that will be easier to get past. but easier to push quickly.

    if you added on top the mod that lets you destroy doors,
    like the shatter series of mods by itsbobby which let you destroy just about everything

    and one of the mods letting you lock doors.
    Locksmith - Lock Your Doors 'n' Containers

    while having it so raiders can shoot the locks off, and lockpick them (hopefully with animations)
    Breakable Locks
    Locky Bastard

    it would make for a complete overhaul and likely the best combat update in fallout 4,, it would be environmental warfare
    every object around you becomes something that can save your life in a moment, with a risk reward system due to how long it would take to move each object.

    this mod is very do able 90 percent of what ive asked is already available as separate mods, just not functioning as one solid, fast, easy to use in a pinch form.
    also would be nice to be able to shoot in workshop mode lol
  2. predator0424
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    I hope you still working on this mod :D
    Because you didn't update this mod for a while, but I really enjoyed your beta showcase on the video so I'm still waiting for that!!
    Thank you for the great immersive mod <3
  3. bertiedastard
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    Just out of curiosity, are all these .esps, or esl-flagged esps?

    They look amazing, and I'd love to use them, but I have absolutely no space left in my load order for any more esps.
    1. itsbooby
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      I'm currently working on a super duper all in one modulation, however this is going to take time.
  4. FleurDuSoleil3
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    Great mod. I love the potential it has to enhance everyday scenarios. Missing a raider's head and seeing the bottle on the table he is hiding behind explode is definitely an experience .

    I have noticed that when you blow up an oil lantern already in the game, the light stays there. I know this is to do with the way the engine handles lighting, but don't know the ins and outs of it as when I create mods for myself they are never visual. I have destroyed many other objects and don't seem to see any other glaring problems. I am using all 4 mods at once which kind of goes against the point of bug testing, but I'm hoping the specific item and problem gives you enough to go on as I cannot remember which one edited lanterns in FO4Edit.

    I do worry about the potential of these mods to cause the player to accidentally have a very empty wasteland in terms of shelves and tables if they carelessly fling grenades, and the like during combat scenarios. That is where the modular nature of these mods shines, though, and I commend the thoughtfulness that went into that decision. Some people may not like the idea of throwing a grenade across the street at a super mutant only to then have that house irreparably more.. empty than it was before.

    Only other thing I would recommend is perhaps to enhance the descriptions of the mods when you have the time. People's load orders are a tenuous thing, and people may be scared away from downloading these great mods if they don't know what the mod covers/possible risks are - I saw a question about one of the mods breaking precombines, for instance. Lord only knows how it could, but still, you could put some people' s minds at ease. That and it is difficult to test a mod out to see if you wish to use it without knowing the full extent as to what it touches. I don't think people should be expected to dive into FO4Edit to work out such things.

    Just to clarify, I am not trying to attack the mod series or make excuses for people's lack of awareness/laziness. Just giving a small bug report and offering some, hopefully, helpful advice that could improve the experience for everyone involved. If you keep at these mods, I could very well see them becoming staples in a lot of people's load orders. As I said previously, seeing that bottle smash when I missed the raider's head was definitely an experience and one I think all players of the game should have at least once before making a decision on these mods.
    1. thunderlord2200
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      sadly enough i was thinking about the combined meshes me self. thats if items in a loaded cell is destroyed, would be nice to be able to, or shoot threw a window, or wall. hate bulletproof things.. xD
    2. itsbooby
      • supporter
      • 880 posts
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      I don't think it breaks precombines because most items that are destructible were already scrappable. Could one single item break a precomb and thus the whole game?
    3. FleurDuSoleil3
      • member
      • 121 posts
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      The mod cannot break precombines. At least, I don't see how it could. I was just using that as an example of something to mention to put some people who may not know enough about these thing's minds at ease. Though, really, I would only ever expect a list of what you can destroy because then the users can look that stuff up for themselves. The only actual bug I have encountered is the smashing of lamps leaving a light source behind, though only with the ones placed there by the game. I can smash lanterns crafted by myself to my heart's content.
    4. geala
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      I can understand the questions for the precombine thing, and I would not be too relaxed here. A mod can at least make things disappear not meant to be scrapable without using the general precombined=0 command, so there is a latent danger of terribly important things and navmeshed parts to be lost.

      And I'm happy to read that no severe problems appeared while using the shatter mods.

      BTW to the glass shattering, is there a danger when walking over shattered glass? I ask as my char usually goes barefoot.
  5. TakahashiThePimp
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    This is a really cool idea! I was actually wishing we had something like this just the other day because of another game.

    Just out of curiosity - why not have all the mods on one page and let the user decide which plugins they want to use? Less mod pages to manage and the user gets the full experience all from one place.
    Hope I'm not coming across as rude. I was just curious because these mods seem to be working towards the same goal.

    Thank you for sharing, anyways. Looking forward to checking these out in-game.
    1. itsbooby
      • supporter
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      Thanks for Your interest and support! You're not coming off as rude, I have so much more to add so I might put them all on one page. I want to release versions covering books/notes and clothes as well. I probably will put them all on one page when I add more =)