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Patch is similar to Skyrim and Fallout 3 / New Vegas ENBoost

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21 november 2015: ShadowBoost is released. This mod automatically adjusting shadow drawing distance according to frame rate, as requested. Download it here http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1822/

1 december 2015: published 0.284 binaries. Tried to reduce cache misses which are noticable at some locations with ENBoost installed.
16 november 2015: published 0.283 binaries.
15 november 2015:
updated 0.282 binaries. Added fix for wrong present calls which leads to text displayed on the character face.
13 november 2015: published 0.282 binaries with workaround of Steam overlay bug without deleting GameRendererOverlay64.dll.

13 november 2015: published 0.281 binaries. To fix Steam overlay bug.


This mod implements functionality similar to versions for Skyrim and Fallout 3,
smoother frame rates, less stuttering, higher textures resolution, at cost of
higher ram usage first of all. Some type of CTDs (crashes) and strange game
behavior, potential saved game corruption at specific circumstances of lag
spikes. Not all hardware configurations will have benefit from this patch, but
some will have a lot. This depends from cpu type, cpu cores number, game setting
and graphic card performance accordingly, os version, windowed or full screen
modes, etc.

It can't increase performance for cities and other locations / camera directions
where draw calls count is very huge because of shadows.


VRamSizeTest DX11 tool reports maximal available video memory for the game, that huge
value really works because of video driver tricks, but at cost of performance because certain
amount of system memory (ram) is added to video memory (vram) and some page file
memory (swap file). For example if you have 1 Gb VRAM, 8 Gb RAM and VRamSizeTest tells
that you have 20000 Mb of video memory, this means 11 Gb (20-1-8) can be allocated on
the disk as swap file. Of course performance of disk i/o is very low and bad for SSD health,
so do not use any value above VRAM+RAM for VideoMemorySizeMb. Only if you want so much
to see the game at full quality and can't buy more RAM, that able to suffer from lags at some
heavy areas - set bigger values (but please do not use swap file on ssd disk, use hdd instead).
The most optimal value for VideoMemorySizeMb is reported by VRamSizeTest, but not bigger
than VRAM+RAM minus memory used by OS and other applications, including Fallout 4.
Unfortunately such math is possible only for users with at least 12 Gb of RAM because of bad
memory management, though on practice 6-8 Gb RAM is okay and not lags much.
As for config file from 8 or 16 Gb, choose the one which is less than your RAM+VRAM size and
after testing it's okay for you, try manully tweak with help of VRamSizeTest DX11. Configs
are just for users who are not good in all these extra steps and just want to install and run it.

Few other videos for those who wish to use graphics features of the mod:

// ENBoost - helper configuration for ENBSeries modification which fix
// various issues of the game, better utilize video and system memory
// and increase performance. It does not apply any graphic effects of ENBSeries

ENBoost / ENBSeries 0.281 or NEWER binaries, download them from http://enbdev.com
Warning! I do not allow to publish here on Nexus binaries of my projects, that's
why you need to download them separately. Other than that, feel free to share.

Windows Vista/7/8/10 x64.

Greater means better in this case. For example i have 2 gb physical video memory
and 16 gb ram, but amount of video memory after using ENBoost is up to 12 gb
instead of 2.
Greater means better of course, but even if you have 1 gb textures will be sharper
at cost of some stuttering when moving fast.

0) First of all, almost all problems happen because of things you did to your
game or OS, various fake memory tweakers, boosters are at first place.
Antiviruses, bad drivers, overlay monitoring, capturing, overclocking, etc
prevent normal functionality. And do not ever force game process priority!
Also if you configured game incorrectly by modifying Fallout4prefs.ini, it's
also lead you to nowhere. This prooved multiple times, not just by one user,
you all do the same mistakes.
1) If you have crashes at startup, run as admin, make sure no other software
hooking in to game process, for example some antiviruses, screen capturing tools,
videocard monitoring or overclocking. Afterburner, D3D Overrider, EVGA, ATI Tray
Tools, RadeonPro, DXTory, Fraps, XFire, Razer and Logitek utils, Steam overlay,
antimalware tools, Avast - all these were detected in the past as incompatibe
with wrappers.
2) Stuttering may happen if unbalanced setting are used for VideoMemorySizeMb
parameter, both too high or too low. ApplyStabilityPatch also affect this and
try to toggle it true/false for testing.
3) Sound crackle noise possible in theory for some configs when ApplyStabilityPatch
set to "true".
4) Editor HUD is visible on the face of main character. Known bug, fixed in 0.283 binaries.
5) Huge performance drop for some users at places with many objects. Known issue, but
there is no solution at this moment, somehow cpu cache miss occurs from simplest
and short code. UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=true may help, but not guaranteed.

1) Download "ENBoost 0.281" or NEWER version of ENBoost or ENBSeries for Fallout 4.
2) Unpack files from "Patch" or "WrapperVersion" folder (depends from version)
to your game folder where Fallout4.exe file is.
3) Select proper enblocal.ini to your hardware file from ENBoost only archive
folders and extract it to game folder by replacing the same one from ENBSeries,
so the first you install binaries and then use config for them from Nexus.
4) Run the game. If everything is okay you will see startup message.

1) Open your Fallout game folder, delete from there (not from system
folder!) files d3d11.dllenblocal.ini, d3dcompiler_46e.dll.

All setting of the patch are located in enblocal.ini file, which is simple text
and you may edit it in Notepad or any other text editor.

ApplyStabilityPatch - this parameter toggles the most important fixes, but it
is almost useless for some users, at least in version 0.281. If you feel game
changed to the worse, set ApplyStabilityPatch=false and try again. Be careful
with antiviruses, they may produce CTD or cause patching to fail.
ForceVideoMemorySize - let you use more video memory than physically available
on your videocard. This is possible because of driver specific features which
seems ignored by Bethesda developers. When set to "false", VideoMemorySizeMb
is ignored.

VideoMemorySizeMb - forces amount of video memory available, this value is in
Megabytes, so if you have 2Gb videocard, it's equal to 2048. Please download
VRamSizeTest tool from my web site using dx11 version of it get maximal
available video memory size for your hardware. DO NEVER set value above that
one from VRamSizeTest DX11 or game may crash randomly. Also when you have
Skype, internet browsers and some other software, size of available video memory
is reduced and also leads to crashes. To avoid such issues you may set value
a bit lower than maximal, in general 300 mb less seems okay. At last, Windows
itself require some video memory, if i remember 120 mb for Win7, 180 for Win8.

DisableFakeLights - just a graphics hint with small performance impact, disables
invalid back lights for all characters which makes them look glowing on sides
everywhere. This feature was requested and i'll use it in future graphic mods

ForceVSync - this is a bit different thing compared to game vsync, i won't
describe how it works, but for some game setting and users it could be very
useful, better than own game vsync.

EnableFPSLimit - not required in Fallout 4, but i recommend to use it to avoid
unpredictable results because of too short individual frames (time of each frame
varies a lot in Fallout 4).

Boris Vorontsov (aka ENB)

You are free to use, share or sale without notice of any copyrights. But posting
binary files (exe, dll, ocx) of my projects on Nexus web sites is not allowed.