Fallout 4
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An FPS boost for not so great computers containing the best performance tweaks,

Permissions and credits
Please read the description first.

First of all
BACKUP your files.

My INI tweaks will simply reduce detail the game has and increase performance.
Shadows resolution significantly reduced but will cause some visual problems check posts.
Outdoor and Indoor meshes load detail/distance reduced.
Grass is also disabled but some plants still appear.
the world of fallout is very detailed so those details wont show up till you're very close to them.
I also added some tweaks from skyrim, which seems to be working fine for FO4.
Should give you a huge fps increase and a really Sh*tty looking game.

All post processing turned off.
DOF, Lens flare, SSAO, Godrays.

Performance increase may be different for everyone since we all got our own PCs.
But it will surely increase fps alot if you're lagging.
If you encounter errors check readme or check posts page.
I RECOMMEND you download these to really improve performance and make the game run smoother.
links and explanations provided by smagau.

1. http://www.nexusmods...out4/mods/978/? - Texutre Optimization mod by torcher
This, like the title says, resizes the texture to a reasonable level that your rig can handle.
Ver 0.10 of this mod didn't help much for FPS and had a lot of bugs, but as for ver 0.11 you clearly gain FPS, and so far this is a bug-free mod.
I didn't measure exactly how much FPS I gained but certainly feel the stutter significantly reduced if not all.
2. http://www.nexusmods...out4/mods/606/? - Wasteland 512 Textures by Darth Animal
You have to install this mod after torcher's mod, Texture Optimization by Torcher or this mod, because when I installed this mod first,
it gave me a CTD.

So honestly idk which one is a better choice for FPS because it felt quite similar, but this mod makes visual worse than Torcher's mod.
Using these both will give you some serious gain in FPS.
3. http://www.nexusmods...ut4/mods/1850/? - Upscale by CyberShadow
This one allows you to play the game with borderless fullscreen with lower resolution.
You may know all too well that the lower resolutions the better FPS.
And no bug found yet, unlike that 640x480 fullscreen resolutions.

Also Recommended http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/332/? (Stuttering and memory patch)