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160 Standalone Hair Colors! 120 Colors added in LMCC Packs! All Hair Colors are Higher Quality Textures put on a Higher Quality Gradient than Fallout 4 Originally Came with providing for New, Unique, and Epic Hair Colors! Two more LMCC Packs Added!

Permissions and credits
NOW STANDALONE!! And LooksMenu Customization Compendium Integrated!

***PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE COLORS WILL OVERRIDE THE NUKA WORLD DLC COLORS DUE TO TEXTURED HAIR COLOR RESTRAINTS.***  (Technically is is a replacer for the Nuka World Hair Colors now.  If you do not have Nuka World DLC then they are Standalone.)

****Nuka Wolrd DLC Colors added as Standalone now, meaning you do not need Nuka World DLC to have access to these new colors.  Listed as R-EHC Standalone Pack 16 under Downloads!

More Colors and LMCC Additions to come in the future!

Would you ever believe that the textures from a Mirelurk would make for an awesome hair color?

How about a HD Blood Splatter texture from Skyrim?

A picture of Mac and Cheese that I found on Google? (I was probably hungry...)

I challenged myself and took textures from games (Fallout 4 and Skyrim), pictures from the internet, and pictures that come default with any new PC and I turned them into some very epic hair colors that I now share with you!

I present to you my 23rd Fallout 4 mod, "Repurposed - Standalone Epic Hair Colors"!!

Note:  Please ignore the insufferable DBag to the side of the lovely lady modeling the hair.
                          Mirelurk                                                       Teddy Bear

                           Fire                                                             Zit

Thanks to Tyrannicon for the Video, this mod is featured at 0:56 into the Video.

I have increased the quality of the hair color texture file for this mod, thus doubling it's size, and hopefully providing for more elaborate hair color.

All 22 hair colors have been changed, I will provide a downloadable pdf file that states the original hair color and what I changed it to.

I have created an .esp file that will change the names of the Hair Colors in the game that I will also put for download.

New Hair Color List and where I got it from:
Leaf (Acquired From: Magnolia Leaf from Sample Pictures on new PC)
Ice (Acquired From: Da Google)
* Glacier (Acquired From: Da Google)
Zit (Acquired From: Da Google)
* Blood Splatter (Acquired From: Skyrim HD Texture)
Koala (Acquired From: Koala from Sample Pictures on new PC)
* Coffee and Cream (Acquired From: Da Google)
* Chrome (Acquired From: Da Google)
Quantum Cola (Acquired From: Fallout 4 Glow Texture, the hair will not glow in game)
Cooling Magma (Acquired From: Da Google)
* Quasar (Acquired From: Da Google)
Green Sun Flare (Acquired From: Da Google)
* Fire (Acquired From: Desert Scene from Sample Pictures on new PC)
Snow Dragon (Acquired From: Skyrim HD Texture)
Bubblegum (Acquired From: Da Google)
Mac and Cheese (Acquired From: Da Google)
Electric Pulse (Acquired From: Da Google)
* Dirty Teddy Bear (Acquired From: Fallout 4 Texture)
Rusty Gun (Acquired From: Fallout 4 Texture)
* Deathclaw Eye (Acquired From: Fallout 4 Texture)
* Mirelurk (Acquired From: Fallout 4 Texture)
Bloatfly Wing (Acquired From: Fallout 4 Texture)

*Denotes some of my personal favorite colors (My two favorite are probably Dirty Teddy Bear and Fire).

Some of the eyebrows seem like the color is running slightly, different eyebrows styles seem to fix this.

Note: This will also change the hair colors for the NPCs in the game. (Ex: Preston Garvey has either Mac and Cheese or Fire, it is under his cap but it is more noticable.) Not anymore...

Note: This mod will NOT be compatible with any other Hair Color changing mods as they most likely changed the same texture file that I did to make theirs.

For the full pallet of Hair Colors please view the pictures I included with this mod, as the example Pictures section is a few examples. 

The Hair Texture file will go into your Data->Textures->Actor->Character->Hair folder.  

With the .zip file that I provide just drag and drop it into your Data Folder.If you get the .esp file install that as you would any other mod.  Make sure you also get the Hair Textures unless you just want the change the Hair Color names in game but not the actual colors (crazier things have happened, like I have 14 downloads of my text file that is just a horrible Parody that I wrote of Tribute by Tenacious D).

****If you are installing the Compatibility Patch for the LooksMenu Customization Compendium then make sure you drag the Data Folder into Fallout 4's Data Folder, and place the ESP in a LOWER Load Order than LooksMenu Customization Compendium.ESP in order for it to work correctly.

*****You also of course need to have downloaded and installed LooksMenu Customization Compendium in order for my Compatibility patch to work.  There is a link for it below.

If you choose not to use the .esp file refer to the .pdf file that I provided for guidance as to what is what color.

Thank Yous!!!
Bethesda for Skyrim and Fallout 4.
Google for having a vast assortment of pictures, and the people that post those pictures to the internet.
The Paint.Net creators.
The makers of Fallout 4 Edit.
Tyrannicon for the Video.
AGodComplexPikachu for allowing me to integrate this with the LooksMenu Customization Compendium.

The LooksMenu Customization Compendium can be found at this link: Click Thee Here!

The only mod that I am using and happens to be visible in the pictures that I posted is:
Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures - Valkyr Face Texture (I don't have the body textures) by Fuse00

This mod was made by myself using Fallout 4 Edit, and Paint.Net (Because Photoshop is too mainstream).

Go give those poor people of the Commonwealth the Hair Colors they deserve, including your poor character of course!

I had fun making this, so expect more pallets of hair colors made from textures or images in the future depending on the success of this one.

***I just added the donation function, this is of course optional, and any little bit helps.  Thank You.***

Hope that you Enjoy!