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MunkySpunk brings you The Left Field Diner - a little slice of Nuka World for all the baseball fans needing to shut their kids up during those long boring games. A voiced Nuka Cola merchant, drink chiller, and custom stained glass! - showcasing what's possible with his upcoming workshop mod & CK. Nuka World, Far Harbor, Wasteland Workshop Requi

Permissions and credits

Stained Glass Workshop Items Now Available!!

Nuka Cola Bottling Company presents The Left Field Diner.
Nuka Cola brings all the joy of unmitigated consumerism found in Nuka World closer to home just in time for the 2077 baseball playoffs!!

<ATTENTION: read this description in the Nuka World loudspeaker girl's voice... there, it's in your head now, you have no choice>

You too can experience Nuka World right in your own back yard with our newest addition to the family of Nuka World satellite locations. The minds at Nuka World pretend-o-funationeeringisticology department work overtime to think of every possible way to personalize each of our satellite locations. Whether it's the real alligators in the contaminated moat of our New Orleans location, the tradition of serving Cola mixed with light sweet crude oil in used cowboy boots in Dallas, or actual crack heads with switch blades aggressively panhandling outside our Bronx location, Nuka World strives to bring a unique character to our brand with each incarnation of our satellites. For our Boston location, we commissioned local stained glass artists to reflect the diversity of Boston's historic cathedrals. With devout, pious, and humble hearts we then filled our location with a smorgasbord of low nutrition processed foods and Nuka Cola merchandise for only a modest markup.* We have specially equipped this location to satisfy even the most hungry fans during the 7th inning stretch, with an emphasis on our food and drink products. But fear not kids, we still have plenty of overpriced plush Cappy dolls you can incessantly beg your parents for!

We have installed a mixing station and an official liquid nitrogen powered Nuka Cola cooler for the hardcore Nuka Cola fans among you.

The Left Field Diner! Located under the bleachers in a stadium that looks just like Fenway Park and is in the same spot as Fenway Park would be, but due to licensing restrictions is definitely NOT Fenway Park.

*Markup is reflective of markup from already inflated Nuka World prices

Nuka World Satellite Locations:
The taste!
The smell!
The joy!
The markup!!
The kids are quiet!!

So one day I get a message on Discord from the CREAtive clutter team. Someone told someone that I had played with some stained glass textures a while ago and they wondered if they could possibly use them. I dug for what I had and looked at it again with fresh eyes. I didn't like the job I did on it. I had learned a lot in the intervening year and wanted to make the texture up to spec, so to speak. So I redid the stained glass for CREA from the ground up using 2D stained glass images from the intergoogles (credits). Then I put one in a lamp form. And another in a glass form. One thing led to another... you know how it goes. Next thing I know I'm making a stained glass diner AND a stained glass workshop mod instead of doing productive things. Screw me, right?

Features and purpose: I was bored and wanted to show off the stained glass. So I made a diner. This diner is effectively your Nuka Cola clearing house away from Nuka World, without the need to find Drink'n Buddy. I realize it's not a player home or a settlement blueprint. But I'm hoping the few amenities will keep people coming back for my updates to it.

Time of day ambient lighting:
Go on and wait a while, watch the light change. It streams in the large windows during the day, casting their light on the floor and illuminating the dust in front of them. After a red sunset, the inside lights come on for the night. The other side of the windows, on the outside of Diamond City are synced to time of day as well.

The cooler in the facility will cool any drink in a few hours:
That is, if it exists in the game's dbase (Beer, Nuka, and Vim products) in a few hours. If you put a vanilla Cryolator Round or Liquid Nitrogen Dispenser in the cooler with the drinks, it will instantly cool and consume the round or dispenser.

The Merchant:
Fully voiced. He has a made a few interesting observations of the Commonwealth. Aside from a couple handfuls of wise-cracks and an interesting story about how he found the diner, his purpose is to sell you Nuka varieties and food. He's also keeping an eye on people messing around with his cooler.

Coming soon: Workshop mod, with stained glass light fixtures and buildable objects to hopefully go smoothly into your existing structures. With over 50... Yes, you read that right, over 50 different color and lead schemes for the buildables as well as a number of custom faction stained glass textures. ETA 1 or 2 weeks

Read what today's top modders are saying about The Left Field Diner:

"Sorry, was adulting. And I'm sick again. Back now. What did you need?" - Thirdstorm
"Why are you asking me? I hate all of you." - Damanding
"<sounds of someone vaping followed by cracking open a can of soda>" - KKtheBeast
"Actually, I think it's called a candelabra, not a candlestick." - Wanamingo
"I made a model of Maxson with the Prydwen coming out of his pant zipper using taco meat materials. Wanna see?" - KingTobbe
"Why did you even bother to ask these clowns?" - Joemitchell320

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Quixel suite - NDO, DDO, 3DO
Autodesk 3dsMax
3d blender
Outfit Studio

FAQ and anticipated issues:

OK, so how the hell do I get there?

The entrance has a ramP (with a P) leading to it in the back interior of Diamond City to the right of the green wall. You can't miss it. Go to the top of the ramp, activate the divider rope. Alternatively open console "coc aaleftfield".

This sucks! What the hell does it do?
It sits there, takes up space, and consumes frighteningly limited resources in exchange for dubious societal returns. Like you and me.

So we all suck as bad as your Diner?
Afraid so. Except the diner cools drinks.

What's with the DLC dependencies? This totally sucks!
Nuka World for the decor, Wasteland Workshop for Diner furniture, Far Harbor for the Vim drink records. You cheap bastard.

What workshop mod?
Coming hopefully next week. Lots of activator lights and glass for building, all in the workshop menu. :)

There's a rope in the way. How do I get in?
Activate the divider rope.

Activate a rope? AUUUUGGGG!!! MY FINGER IS KILLING ME NOW!! Why did you arrange the main entrance like that? Why do I activate the divider to enter the diner? Generic whine sounds!!
Compatibility. Bethesda put huge collision markers in DC to prevent people from going into the bleachers because for reasons and making it great again and things 'n stuff do reel gud (sic). I can, and have, rescaled the collision marker out of the way for the mod, but any other mods that alter DC interior might very well put it back in place, especially if it's in the load order after the Diner. I've chosen to only ADD things to Diamond City interior and delete nothing. Rumor has it this preserves precombines and ensures at least visual and Diner entrance compatibility. AFAIK, unless something is physically in the way, you will also be able to reach the Diner no matter what other mod is installed for DC's interior.

But there's only one way out, the fire marshal is going to go crazy!
Probably, yeah.

I have godrays turned off and I'm still getting colored mists and colored light cast on the walls!

That's because I didn't use godrays.

My NPCs are bumping into the railings on the stairs and not going anywhere!!
Navmeshing of NPCs up and down the stairs to the Diner in DC's interior is proper if this is your only DC interior mod, but may not work if you have any others that restore vanilla navmeshing coordinates, particularly the navmeshing UNDER the stairs and in the brahmin pen where I seriously doubt you've ever gone as a PC.

How does the cooler work?

It's store property. Maybe only access it when the merchant isn't looking? Oh wait, it's a master level lock with a unique key. ;) This will cool any drink for which there is a vanilla "ice cold" variety in X game hours. You can INSTA cool all the items in the cooler by putting a cryolator round or a liquid nitrogen dispenser in the cooler with it (they will be recycled).

Where's the key?

It's store property. The store has one employee.

Every Brooklyn pizzeria I ate at growing up for the image in my mind's eye.
KKtheBeast for the original stained glass sandwich mesh, collision on and slicing up the under-bleachers superstructure.
Thirdstorm for NPC faces and help.
The first human with an empty bottle who needed to put a candle somewhere for the lamp idea. Probably shortly after the candle was invented.
[email protected] for the lovely Nuka Cola and Radiation King poster and flag artwork.
Wanamingo for last minute testing.
[email protected] for the 2D stained glass JPG. Beautiful work that I beat into game-ready form.
Ajhakra for his cubemaps
Snappy Housekits for door
CREAtive clutter for many items in diner including food service, place settings, clutter and decorations
SsmB_92 for the Nuka Cooler script and additional scripting help and advice
Robboten for cylinder shade, trimming glass on dividers and cooler
Goodmockups.com for the caps

Permission (also found in permission section):
Would you like to use some of this pretty glass in your settlement? Wait for my workshop mod. 4500+ craftable items in a variety of shapes, lights, and colors. More scripts, more colors, more of like, stuff and things.

Would you like to use this mod's resources in your own mod? Drop me a line. I don't close my inbox.

This mod would not have been possible without large amounts of help from people on the CREAtive clutter team and Sim Settlements (Cpt.Coots) as well as others listed in the credit section. In acknowledgement of their efforts, all resources in this mod are immediately available to use for building Sim Settlement plots and by the CREAtive clutter team as far as my permissions go.

In addition to my permissions, if you DO use these resources and redistribute them, you are obliged to acknowledge [email protected] for the 2D stained glass patterns and drop them a message on their page saying you did so: https://jojo-ojoj.deviantart.com