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A collection of gameplay, visual, and convenience enhancements with optional Green theme for Color Pip-Boy.

Permissions and credits
Radrose Gameplay Enhancements

Enhanced lighting, shadows, and other visual effects!
Add direct interaction with food, drinks, and other items!
Optional colorized green-screen Pip-Boy!

Enhances I M M E R S I O N

 Gameplay Enhancements
 - Use items directly from the environment: eat, drink, inject, or equip immediately
 - NPCs are more polite: they'll move out of your way further, sooner, when bumped*
 - NPCs are more polite: they won't greet you unless you walk up close to them*
 - NPC sandboxing is expanded to allow them to climb tall settlement buildings
 - Enables collision for dead bodies―no more walking through corpses
 - Speeds up terminal displays 25x*
 - Deezer is marked essential: never lose your supply of lemonade
 - Generators produce more power, and Purifiers produce more water
 - Preston will only mark one location on your map at a time

 Pip-Boy Enhancements
 - Optional: Disables Pip-Boy monochrome filter, making it full color *
 - Optional: Adds Green theme for Color Pip-Boy interface
 - Survival icons change color Green-Yellow-Orange-Red depending on severity
 - Changes Pip-Boy light from a glow to an aimable flashlight
 - Doubles Pip-Boy flashlight and Power Armor spotlight distance
 - Reduces glare on Power Armor Pip-Boy HUD*

 Environmental Enhancements
 - Optional: Adds shadows to various constructible Workshop lights
 - Optional: Spotlights and Sentry Bot lights cast shadows

 Convenience Enhancements
 - Enables console in survival*
 - Invisible walls are disabled in border regions*

Note: Items marked with a "*" may be changed by editing the INI file in the Data folder.

 Recent Updates:
 - New! Version 1.3.2: Reduced flashlight glare & increased size, and updated installer
 - Version 1.3.1: Added installer option for Green Pip-Boy only, without enhancements
 - Version 1.3: Added Green theme Color Pip-Boy, renamed to Radrose Gameplay Enhancements
 - Version 1.2: Added Pip-Boy and Power Armor flashlight enhancements, and food and drink interactions
 - Version 1.1: Added NPC, interaction, settlement, and radiant quest tweaks
 - Version 1.0: Initial private beta as Radrose Visual Enhancements

 Related Mods:
 - Improved item sorting and distinct icons with Radrose Usability Enhancements.

 - The Pip-Boy flashlight is a post-processed photo of a nuclear fireball from the Tumbler-Snapper test series.
  Original was taken with the Rapatronic high-speed camera.

Compatible with Fallout 1.10.50 and above

 Required DLC:
 - Wasteland Workshop 01
 - Vault-Tec Workshop 03

 Recommended Mods:
 - Radrose Usability Enhancements
 - Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI

Install using Nexus Mod Manager; manual installation not supported

 1. Install prerequisite and desired options
 2. Click "Download with Manager"
 3. Activate in Nexus Mod Manager
 4. Select desired options in installation dialog
 5. Edit the .INI file as desired in Data folder
 6. Launch Fallout 4

Recommended Load Order
Base Game, DLC, Mods, RGE.

 <DLC esm's>
 <Mod esm's>

 <Other Mods>
 <Other Visual Effects Patches>

 Radrose Gameplay Enhancements.esp

Compatibility with Other Visual Enhancements
Most visual mods are compatible, except when same items are modified.

 RGE modifies Pip-Boy and Power Armor lights.
 → Load RGE after other Pip-Boy or Power Armor mods.
 → Non-lighting changes to Pip-Boy or Power Armor should be unaffected.

 Mods that change Workshop lighting items may conflict.
  There will be no issue loading other mods and no crashes caused.
  Effects changed both by the other mod and RGE will apply only the changes from the last mod loaded.

  Enhanced Lights and FX Anamorfus 0.4 Makes similar, but different changes to some lighting objects.
 → Load RGE after these mods, or place them after RGE to use their settings instead.

Uninstall and reinstall using Nexus Mod Manager; manual upgrade not supported

 0.9 to 1.0: Some lighting and shadow settings are different, and corpse collision and terminal speed changes added.
 1.3 to 1.3.1: Separate install option for Green Pip-Boy only.
 1.3.1 to 1.3.2: Upgrades automatically.

Uninstall using Nexus Mod Manager; manual uninstallation not supported

 1. Deactivate in Nexus Mod Manager