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Newly added icons to handle all Valdacil's tags created in AWKCR and VIS.

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NOTE:  My mod does not do any tagging of items, nor does it perform the replacement of tags with icons.  This is done by Valdacil's Item Sorting and DEF_UI, respectively.  I'm happy to answer questions about tagging, or modifying DEF_INV_TAGS.xml if I can, but my mod does not change the system that does the tagging or replacing the tags with icons.  I simply added icons to the iconlibs2.swf (think of this file as an icon library for Flash) to give everyone more options, and to include icons for several VIS tags not in the original DEF_UI release.  Please direct any questions reguarding problems with missing tags or icons to Valdacil, he created VIS and maintains DEF_UI.  Thanks!!

UPDATE: Hey guys!! Looking for ideas for the next version! Head over to the new forum post (https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?showtopic=4465035) to leave some suggestions!! Thanks for the help!

NOTE ON CONSOLE MODDING:  I do not believe my mod will work stand alone for the console, therefore I will not be uploading it to Bethesda.net.  I have however granted permission to Neanka to upload my mod as part of DEF_UI when he places it on Bethesda.net.  I do not own an XBone, nor to I own Fallout 4 for PS4, therefore I doubt I will be making any mods for those platforms or changing my mod to work.  Thanks!!

UPDATE v5.5.2 - Another point release!  There were a couple of typos in DEF_INV_TAGS.xml from VIS 7.4.2 that have to do with the tags for the Syringer weapon and ammo.  I corrected the typos, and here's the update.

UPDATE v5.5.1 - Point release.  Valdacil updated VIS to v7.4.2 and included the changes to DEV_INV_TAGS.xml that I added in v5.5 of my mod, plus added the changes for the Syringer and Companion perk.  This is a small point release, no new icons, just including the VIS v7.4.2 DEF_INV_TAGS.xml.  Thank Val for the update, and thanks for your support!

UPDATE v5.5 - Added 7 new icons.  4 of the new icons are to support the ArmorByClass option for the DLC armors - Marine, Robot, Therm Optic, and Trapper.  Thanks to frog345 fpr reminding me!!  Also, as per a suggestion by zcul, I have added new icons for the Hack, Passkey, and Password tags.  Also, I did not realize that a couple of my screenshots in the FOMOD were still in PNG format.  I converted them to JPGs and cut the file size of the mod by over 5mb.  Download and install should be much faster now.  See below for the new icons, and keep those suggestions coming!!

UPDATE v5.0 - Added 8 new icons to support VIS's ArmorByClass option!  As requested by several of you, here ya go!  DEF_INV_TAGS.xml has been updated to support the tags |Combat|, |Synth|, |DC Guard|, |Leather|, |Metal|, |Raider Power|, |T-45|, |T-51|, |T-60|, and |X-01|.  Combat and Synth use the "star2" and "synth" icons from v4 respectively, and I created new icons for the rest. If you want your armor sorted with these tags instead of by type, be sure to choose the ArmorByClass option when installing VIS.

UPDATE v4.0 - More icons!  I added 23 new icons, mostly weapon icons.  16 of these icons were created by Spherikal and added with his permission, so props to him!!  This version also contains the latest DEF_INV_TAGS.xml from VIS 7.4.1.  Entries added to iconify the [.45-70] tag (thanks Spherikal for the w_leveraction_rifle icon) and to update the [10mm] tag icon to Spherikal's w_10mm icon.  See the Images tab for a pic of all the latest icons!

UPDATE v3.0.1 - Bug fix.  I renamed the folder for the colored icons in my FOMOD and forgot to update the FOMOD.  Oops.  All fixed now!!

UPDATE v3.0: Holy crap more icons!!!  Added 103 new icons, mostly based on icons from the Fallout Companion App.  The Icon Index has been updated with the new icons.  I have not changed DEF_INV_TAGS.xml with this release, so if you want to use the new icons, you will have to update DEF_INV_TAGS.xml yourself.  icon_index.pdf under Data/Interface/DEF_CONF contains the full list of icons with thier reference names to use in DEF_INV_TAGS.xml.  Enjoy!!

UPDATE v2.5:  A few minor edits, plus a bonus!  I created an index sheet for the icons, it will be placed under Data/Interface/DEF_CONF for all who want to see it so they can customize their DEF_INV_TAGS.xml with different icons for the VIS tags.

Changelog v2.5
- as suggested by starfis, added L and R to left and right armor and power armor pieces to make the icon clearer
- readded the which's hat as per request by amaeli, the reference name is "witchhat"
- updated tool icon with new colors
- updated vault icon to remove box and color it
- added a radiation symbol to the w_nuke weapon icon
- consolodated the colored option with the colored weapons option - less work for me on updates :)
- generated an index sheet for iconlibs2.swf showing all icons and thier reference names, placed under DEF_CONF folder as "icon_index.pdf"

UPDATE v2.0: Now updated with the Anarchy icon for the Raider items, thanks to a suggestion by starfis! Check it out:


The reference name is "anarchy", I changed the reference name for the radiation symbol to "radiation"

Also included is a new option for the colored icons. FRiNGE07 didnt like the weapons icons all being yellow, so he colored them. I included this an an option in the installer. I had to make a slight modification to his colors, mostly just making them brighter due to the icons being shown on a black background. Thanks FRiNGE07!!

As I have mentioned in other mods I created, I am a tad anal about the visuals when I am playing Fallout.  To this end I use DEF_UI, Valdacil's Item Sorter, and the Armor and Weapons Keyword Community Resource.  All wonderful mods.  The only downside was that Valdacil released VIS after Neanka stopped supporting DEF_UI.  As such, several of the keywords that VIS and AWKCR use do not have associated icons in DEF_UI.  You end up seeing just the tag in your PipBoy, which annoyed me :).  I have updated ICONLIBS2.SWF to include icons to match all keywords created by Valdacil.

Here are the new icons created to handle the keywords Casual, Dapper, Institute, Military, Raider, Rugged, Skimpy, and Vault-tec:

I also added an icon for the Modules in Deserter X's Courser X-92 Power Armor mod and the PA Jetpack for Worsin's WIPAG mod:



A new tag was added in AWKCR 2.2.2 and VIS 7.4.0 for the Harpoon gun, here's the new icon:


I didn't really like the witches hat icon that Neanka created for the [Hat] tag, wasn't really immersive IMHO.  So, here's a new one:


Finally, the Mods icon was a little plain (a simple box), so I spiced it up a bit:


I updated the DEF_INV_TAGS.xml file to utilize the new icons.  There is also a non-colorized version available, all included in the NMM installer.  I also went thru the ICONLIBS2 file and renamed the icons according to the reference name used for calling them in DEF_INV_TAGS.xml, instead of being named Sprite XXX.  This should make it easier for anyone to find the icon they are looking for if they want to edit it themselves.  I hope this mod is enjoyable for everyone, and if anyone wants me to add any icons, let me know!

RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION ORDER: DEF_UI, VIS, Gold Kit, then my mod.  Allow NMM to replace files every time.  If you want the classic PipBoy colors, you can skip Gold Kit.

NMM for the win!  Both the color and non-color versions are included in the installer.  The color version is based on the Gold Kit for Color Pipboy -anti-Black and White Screen- by Zenotep.  The color version requires the modifications to the PipBoy settings that Zenotep's mod provides to allow color to be used in the PipBoy screen.  If you like the classic PipBoy look, go with the non-color!  Make sure you install DEF_UI first and allow NMM to replace the file when the warning pops up.

For manual installation, choose either "colored\Interface\colored_iconlibs2.swf" or "uncolored\Interface\uncolored - iconlibs2.swf" from my mod archive.  Place your choice under Data/Interface.  Delete or rename the "iconlibs2.swf" file that is in this folder, then rename your choice of swf file from my mod to "iconlibs2.swf".  Then, take "all\DEF_CONF\DEF_INV_TAGS.xml" from my mod archive and place it under Data/Interface/DEF_CONF.  Replace the existing "DEF_INV_TAGS.xml".  This mod replaces DEF_INV_TAGS.XML to allow for the new tags and icons, so be sure to back up the file if you have made any changes to it!

Valdacil's Item Sorting
Needed for the tagging, otherwise no point to my mod!

Needed for the tag replacement, otherwise no point to my mod!

Gold Kit for Color Pipboy
Needed to enable color icons in the PipBoy.