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Adds in a new tier of highly irradiated creatures.

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This mod adds in a new top tier of creatures, Plutonium. These creatures are basically tougher versions of the standard glowing variants. They are the result of regular creatures coming into contact with excess Plutonic radiation from the Municipal Plutonium Wells found throughout the wasteland. As a result of being exposed to this powerful radioactive substance, they have mutated even further, absorbing some of its properties in the process.

They now glow orange and they emit a deadly level of ambient radiation. In addition , they are now physically different and noticeably larger than their common counterparts. As such, they have more health, deal more damage, and are more resistant to damage. However, they are all mostly nearly blind as a result of their mutations.

These creatures are added to spawn lists via scripts, and are set to spawn at higher levels than their regular base game counterparts. The earliest will start spawning around level 9, and the strongest spawns in at level 120. In addition, they are also added to the spawn lists of Wasteland of Wasteland Workshop Cages and Exotic Workshop Creatures via script as well, provided that you have that DLC and/or mod enabled, otherwise nothing will happen.

Currently this mod has 19 (+1 secret) Plutonium creatures in it, but don't worry, more will be added at a later date! Feel free to comment on what you'd like to see added next. Eventually we will get through all of the base game creatures!

If you're interested, here are the levels that everything spawns in at:

Radroach: 9
Mole Rat: 34
Bloatfly: 43
Mutant Hound: 48
Mirelurk Hunter: 56
Gulper: 58
Mirelurk King: 60
Angler: 61
Radstag: 62
Mirelurk: 64
Bloodbug: 66
Wolf: 70
Feral Ghoul: 76
Mongrel: 77
Radscorpion: 80
Stingwing: 86
Fog Crawler: 87
Yao Guai: 96
Deathclaw: 110
Secret Final Creature: 120


Far Harbor is the only DLC required for now.
There is built in scripted support for Wasteland Workshop, and Exotic Workshop Creatures, but neither are required.


French version translated by Nesisphira.
Russian version translated by vwtrotsky.


AO•Cαllie - For the initial idea, editing the base models, and creating the textures.