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To enhance Vanilla by fixing bugs and rebalancing the game. To give it a more tactical feeling / RPG element.

Permissions and credits
This mod does does a couple of things.
  1. It Fixes Minor Bugs
    • Smooth First Person Sprint, Less Jerkiness and Stuttering.
    • Fixes the Targeting HUD system. Should display hostiles correctly.
    • Aid items should work properly in Survival Mode.
    • Workshop Stores should scale properly.
    • Should be able to use Raider PA paints that already exist in the game.
    • The Perk Magazine Live & Love #5 should apply the luck bonus properly.
    • After the battle for Bunker Hill, there shouldn't be any untargetable or unkillable turrets in the basement.
    • The Unmarked quest in General Atomics building should still be attainable after you leave the area.
    • Animals tamed shouldn't become hostile to each other as long as the beta wave tuner is up and running.
    • Nuka-Cola Victory and Ice Cole Nuka-Cola Victory should trigger the right conditions.
    • Trigger Rush should now trigger properly.
    • Robot Regen with Automatron should work properly.
    • Restored the availability of Ballistic Weave on the Vault-Tec Lab Coat and both variants of the Clean Black Suit.
    • Full & empty glass bottles should have the appropriate drop and pickup sounds.
    • Fix an issue with your pipboy not showing up when you are moving and sneaking.
    • Corrected the improper weight on the Combat Armor Right Leg.
    • Pulse and plasma grenades now benefit from Demolition Expert.
    • Aluminum Oil scraps Aluminum instead of Steel.
    • The Big League Perk's 5th level should now double your damage instead of removing all previous damage bonuses.
    • Far Harbor doctors will now offer doctor services.
    • Hazmat suits, bio-suits and power armor has 1% chance of not protecting you from the Vault 81 disease.
    • The ability to identify power armor frames.
    • Idiot Savant should work properly even if you INT is reduced to zero.
    • Feral Ghouls and Super Mutant armor is now lootable and scrappable.
    • Chemist Perk applies to Mysterious Serum.
    • Trashcans in Diamond City are now lootable.
    • Peepers should level with player now.
    • Plasma Impact should now apply correctly.
    • Skybox now applies to QASmoke area.
    • Sleek Leg is stackable.
    • Fixes headgear slots to allow beards, glasses and masks where it seemed appropriate.
    • Stingwing Barb is under Junk.
    • The Captain's Hat should be equippable with gas masks.
    • Ware's Brew does what it's description claims.
    • No more dialogue loop with Preston if you destroy the Institute.
    • Idle and attack sounds should be applied correctly to melee weapons.
    • Stong's companions perk now affects unarmed.
    • Inspirational Perk should work outside of VATS.
    • Fixed spelling and grammar mistakes.
    • Hermit Crab Meat should now be lootable off of Hermit Crabs.
    • Disabled the test occlusion box Bethesda left behind in Monsignor Plaza.
    • Radiation Resistance Perk Rank 4 should stack properly.
    • Can now scrap the picket fence on the eastern side of Sanctuary Hills.
    • Roadside Pine Motel stuck in the wall raider removed.
    • Tattered Rags gives the +1 Luck bonus.
    • Vault 75 Quest should start properly now.
    • MacCreedy's Wooden Soldier Toy has the proper material associated with it.
    • Companions and NPCs should get out of your way now.
    • Speech checks are now binary.
    • Lasers have no recoil.
    • Dead Body Collision should work.
    • Synth Uniforms are now lootable.
    • Intimidation / pacify should work as intended.
    • Vertibirds should now work in DLC exterior areas.
    • You can now jump like a normal human being.
    • The workbenches around the Commonwealth are lootable.
    • Improved Settler sandbox AI. They should be less likely to stand around or bunch together. 
    • Aim stability should be more noticeable with the appropriate perks or mods.
    • NPCs now use ammo.
    • Paul Pembrooke should now attend the drug deal in the "Diamond City Blues" quest.
    • Brotherhood of Steel can now spawn with a Gauss Rifle.
    • Berry Mentats should actually work as intended.
    • Lone Wanderer Perk has linear progression, making it actually useful.
    • Smoke grenades can be thrown just as far as other grenades.
    • Bash has a chance to knock people down.
    • Lit areas have an effect on your sneaking ability.
    • Increases the value of liquor found in the Commonwealth to be more in line with Nuka Cola, Cigarettes and other chems.
    • Nuka World integration for traders.
    • Chalk creates concrete not asbestos.
    • No junk or caps found on dead animal bodies.
    • The appropriate enemies will now follow you into the water.
    • Water pumps give you dirty water instead of purified, you also suffer radiation damage from drinking directly from the pump.
    • Silver Shroud gear is now dropable.
    • Mod Cat's Automatron Carry Weight Fix increases the carry weight of ALL Automatron companions.
    • Power Armor, Iron Fist should work as intended.
    • Double Barrel Shotgun should fire two shots now.
    • Protectron Subway Steward special screen should trigger now.
    • Fixed lore inconsistencies.
    • Jet pack is actually a jet pack with the appropriate AP drain.
    • Tweaked legendary drop rates to make them feel more earned, instead of the game just throwing them at you.
    • DLC gear added to the Raiders level list.
    • All Perks should scale properly.
    • Piper Interview restored.
    • Paladain Danse can now be recruitable after the main quest if certain conditions are met.
    • Piper dialogue has been fixed.
    • DLC Settlement Attacks fixed.
    • Automation AI has been tweaked to work as intended.
    • No more aggro in impact with Power Armor.
    • BOS pilot fix. 
    • Traders and Vendors has more caps.
    • All Perks should scale properly and do what they say.
    • Hacking and Lock Picking is now more dependent of player skill.

2. After giving NPCs the ability to use ammo and grenades to cut down on grenade spam, I realized the game needed to be rebalanced to compensate for this game change. The changes are as followed.
  • Humans, synths and super-mutants now drop their weapons if their arms are crippled and fall on the ground if their legs' condition drops to zero.
  • Increases the distance from which you can initiate V.A.T.S.
  • Enemies now have perks.
  • Health for player and NPCs has been normalized.
  • Tweaked the guns max and min range. To allow the weapons to feel more unique and adjust to different play styles.
  • Companions should be able to sneak, be more useful and level correctly.
  • Tweaked the AI of enemies, NPCs and companions.
  • Junk items should have more of a logical weight.
  • Jumping and falling should be more realistic.
  • Dog meat armor is now actually useful.
  • Realistic melee range for player and NPCs.
  • Adjusted the encounter zones. As you explore the world it should feel more like a progression.
  • Can now cripple NPCs without killing them.
  • Locational damages have been balanced for more of a realistic feeling.
  • Removed all damage reduction while in VATS.
  • Rebalanced quite a bit of melee weapons to have a more realistic damage multiplier.
  • Survival mode needs have been tweaked to be more realistic.
  • Now you have a critical hit chance outside of VATS with the appropriate Bobblheads or magazines.
  • Range accuracy has been changed to be more realistic.
  • Vertibirds are now actually useful and or more deadly.
  • Damage Modifiers now scale better with level.
  • Extended Grenade Timer for players.
  • Trappers & Gunners have a chance of spawning where raiders spawn. I was tired of fighting raiders all the time.
  • Flamer and Molotov will now set player and or NPCs ablaze. Making them more deadly.
  • Weapons and Armor now have a more realistic weight.
  • Weightless items are no longer weightless.
  • Scrapping has been completely redone to make it more immersive and realistic.
  • Armor and weapons have been reblanced. Armor makes a difference but will not turn a NPC or player into a bullet sponge. Head shots can make all
  • the difference. If you get hit by a bullet, you will feel it.

3. Changed how Power Armor works. It's suppose to be the gear that changed the course of the war but it's unpractical. The changes are as followed.
  1. Power Armor is now 25% more durable.
  2. Fusion Core Drain has been slowed down.
  3. Can carry more when using Power Armor.
  4. Power Armor frame has been rebalanced to make the armor seem more like a badass piece of tech.
  5. Fusion cores are rarer in the commonwealth and might not be fully charged when you find them.

4. I completely rebalanced the interior lighting to make the game feel more dynamic. I also got rid of the excess fog that made the game look washed out. NPCs have been tweeked to look less goofy. Inspired heavily by Keke888 awesome mod. I fixed the errors and corrected some of the symmetrical blemishes.

5. Can wear armor over clothes and made it so that most gear only takes a single slot.

6. I made compatible patches for Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch, AWKCR, TrueStorms, Another Life, Vivid Weathers, Agony, BIS, Fallout 2287, Dustbowl, NAC, Frost, ReGrowth, Darker Nights and Horizon.

7. This mod doesn't use any scripts. Making it save game friendly. The point of this mod is not to radically change your game experience or vanilla, but to make it a better experience. Fallout 4 to me, didn't seem to know what it wanted to be. An FPS, a RPG or a walking simulator. I tweaked it to be more like a tactical FPS with strong RPG elements.

8. If you load my mod at the top of your load order, you shouldn't have any CTD issues with other mods.


All patches for other mods are now under Miscellaneous Files. Click on the arrow pointing down on the right hand side to un-collapse the preferred file to download it. There is now a light version that will not change any of the weapons recoil or NPC ammo requirements.  If you wish to revert back to Vanilla Ammo standards, simply delete the NPCs Use Ammo flag, from the guns / grenades in the Weapon category using FO4Edit. If you wish to change or revert to Vanilla recoil, just edit the strings under AIM or delete the category completely using FO4Edit. If you don't like the spawn changes to Raiders, you can either remove the Gunner and Trapper entries from LCharRaider, LCharRaiderBoss, LCharRaiderLegendary under Leveled NPC or just delete the Leveled NPC modification entirely to revert back to Vanilla.  If you experience a bug, please unload all your mods except for this one and see if the bug persists. If so, please tell me and I can easily fix it. However, with other mods loaded except for the DLCs, it's hard to tell if it's a bug caused by this mod, the DLCs or another mod.

Thanks everyone for the support and feedback. I appreciate it.

Fallout 4 Enhanced Add-On

This is my own personal patch to ensure that certain mods I use are compatible with each other. To use this patch you will need, Scarcity, Enemies Level Scaling, Lootable Crates, Vertical Spawns Light, Some Assembly Required, Nuka World Plus & Ammo Crafting Overhaul


Q: What is different between this mod and Immersive Fallout?
A: Two different visions but pretty much the same concept. Are they compatible with each other? Possible. If you like Immersive Fallout settings better, load after my patch and if you like my setting load before my patch. They are built with the same concept in mind just with a different vision of game play.

Q: Should I use Armorsmith Extended with this Mod?
A: You can. There will be some overlap. This mod does 1, 2 and 3 of what Armorsmith Extended does.

Q: I am getting quite a bit of CTD is there anything else I can do?
A: Yes, it's a tedious process but the best process to get rid CTD's for good, or severely limit them. You will need F04Edit and The Manual. It's an older manual but the rules still apply. So, it will be helpful. You are going to clean every mod. How to clean mods is described in the manual. This must be done one by one and the last mod on the list is the one you are always cleaning. Meaning, you need to actually load each mod one by one and clean them.

For example, you would load the game, the DLC then Mod 1. Clean mod 1, save and move on. Load the game,  DLC, Mod 1 and Mod 2. Clean mod 2, save and move one. Keep doing this until all your mods have been cleaned. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT load all your mods and then clean them all in one session. This will just create more CTD and ruin your build.

After all this, if you are still experiencing high CTD. You just have a bad build. You can check mods for errors. Once again, the manual explains how. All problematic mods should be removed. To clean DLC or not to clean DLC, that is the question. This is personal preference. I never have, but some people swear it helps stabilize the game. Make sure you follow someone's load order or you have BOSS or LOOT do your load order for you. Not having the right load order is one of the biggest culprits for CTD.

Q: I don't like some of your edits, how do i remove them?
A: You will need F04Edit and The Manual. It's an older manual but the rules still apply. Then find the strings you don't like and remove or change them.

Q: I am at 256 mods, where there be an EL version?
A: Probably not. Try a mod merger program to lighten up your load-order.

Q: What are you working on, regarding this mod?
I am going to complete my add-on pack. Do a compatibility patch for Fallout 4 Plus and then tackle bugs that people report.

Q: What are the Mods below?
A: I highly recommend using the mods below. They balance nicely with this mod and will create a better overall experience

Recommended Mods
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Loot Overhaul & Update
Ballistic Drop
Configurable NPC FOV
Commonwealth Warfare
Dodge This
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