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Keep firing until you see them no more.


Pre-war multiple grenade launchers now make a comeback with even more bangs. Agile, light-weight and reliable, Fusillade has proven time and time for its function in making targets exploded with extreme prejudice, leaving nothing in your path. In this very wasteland, ones can imagine what else this instrument could serve you in a harsher time.

Fusillade features many modular customization with ease from the pre-war, the scavver to the futuristic design. The rounds can be modded to have a large area trembled with frag rounds or have a tough single target demolished with breaching round, your choice of course. But be aware, Fusillade GL never discriminates, even you or your allies.


- Quad Rioters - Attributes, Concept Design, Models, Sounds, Textures.
- Sean_S - Permission for a shared ammunition type... you don't get multiple 40mm Rounds in your ammo pool.

-Other Projects-

- Accelerator Plasma Energy Weapon
Fusillade Grenade Launcher
- Projectile Rocket Launcher
- Technetronic Personal Defense Weapon

-Platform Availability-

- PC (v1)
- Xbox One - Coming later

-How to obtain in-game-

- Can be crafted at Chemistry Station > Utility.
- Can randomly be spawned with Gunner Boss from level 30.
- Can randomly be dropped from a Legendary enemy from level 25.
- Can be bought from a gun shop from level 25.
If you use the Normal Version (No M79 GL Standalone mod)
- 40mm MGLR can be crafted 6 rounds at a time at Chemistry Station > Utility
- 40mm MGLR can be bought from a gun shop from level 25.

-Weapon Attribute-

- Regular Name: Fusillade
- Ammo Type: 40mm MGLR (Normal Version)
- Ammo Type: 40mm (M79 GL Standalone Version)
- Ammo Count: 6
- Related Perk: Gunslinger, Rifleman, Demolition Expert
- Crafting Perk: Gun Nut, Science, Demolition Expert

-Weapon Modifications-

Receiver: Always auto-semi.
- Standard

- Standard Barrel
- Vented Barrel
- High Tech Barrel

Grip: Grips use pistol perk and stocks use rifleman perk.
- Pistol Grip
- Tactical Grip
- Tactical Stock
- Scavver Grip
- Scavver Stock
- Metal Grip
- Metal Stock
- High Tech Grip
- High Tech Stock

- Tactical Cylinder
- Tin Cylinder
- Hex Cylinder
- Heavy Grenade Magazine

- Tactical Extended Barrel
- Tactical Extended Barrel with Grip
- Bottle Extended Barrel
- Metal Dragon Extended Barrel
- High Tech Extended Barrel
- Fullscale High Tech Extended Barrel

- No Sights
- Iron Sights
- Reflex Sight
- Angle Sight
- Scavver Iron Sights
- High Tech Reflex Sight
- High Tech Scope (4x)

- No Monitors
- Turn-off
- Turn-on (Recon)

Grenade Mods
- Frag Grenade Round
- HE Grenade Round
- AP Grenade Round
- Incendiary Round
- Cryogenic Round

- Standard Colors
- Sand Colors
- Forest Colors
- Snow Colors
- Wavelength Monkey Colors: Whirligig
- Quantum Cat Colors: Glaring
- Plasma Naga Colors: Nova
- Vigilant Otter Colors: Child
- Unchained Dragon Colors: Eater
- Niveous Leviathan Colors: Shifter

Custom Names: This will override the previous naming scheme.
- No Custom Names
- Formal Names - MGL
- Dragon Names - Many dragon types
- Gemstone Names - Many gemstones
- Onomatopoeia Names - Ka POW

-Additional Details-

- Is it lore-friendly? You decide.
- Is this a cheating item? I don't think so but you decide.
- NPC does not spend ammo using this weapon. He/she still needs at least one round in their inventory.
- Be aware of having NPCs using this weapon for its fast rate-of-fire and large splash damage. HE or AP rounds can help with the problem.

-Technical Details-

- This weapon uses Assault Rifle animation, yeah yeah...
- The weapon is based on Milkor M32 MGL.
- Production time: 30 days.

-Known Issues-

- The weapon has small clipping issue here and there.
- The weapon that has Monitors equipped will slow you down if you picking it up by holding "E".

-About Quad Rioters-

- Elemental energy gun next!
- Constructive criticism is welcomed.
- Enjoy and thank you for your support.

-Awesome Demonstrations from Awesome Youtubers-

I'm waiting...