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    IMPORTANT- If you already have installed my previous "roads" mod released as a stand-alone, please delete it as it will override the new improved version of the roads included in this pack!

    (Please note that these mods mentioned only retexture the *asphalt road* only, other types eg concrete roads (as found in Sanctuary) are not affected.)

    Thanks to CaporegimeMarcus for bringing this to my attention.
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    I have investigated texture packing methods and conclude that Ba2 packaging is the best method and an esp to activate is the simplest and most trouble-free method as it can be done easily using a mod manager, which you should probably be using anyway. I have re-uploaded the mod and everthing seem to be working fine.

    Information on Ba2 files:

    Unofficial HD Pack Creation Guide

    Here you will see why Ba2 packing is a good move and why an esp is employed/required (although there is another method).

    Here's an excerpt if you dont want to read the link:
    "...texture archives store textures in a more intelligent way that is friendlier to the runtime texture streamer. When reading a DDS file, finding the lower resolution textures requires seeking to, and therefore decompressing most of the file. This is inefficient, because in most cases you will care about the lower resolution mips first, when the object is off in the distance. Texture archives store any mips higher than 256x256 in their own separate blocks, while the 256x256 and below are all in their own block.

    Ian Patterson, Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)"

    In other words, graphics load faster using Ba2 files so you get better performance. Extrapolating, this explains why there are 2 Ba2 files instead of 1. I separated the DDS files away from the mesh and material files, so correct data compression was employed on the DDS files, which is the convention employed by Bethesda themselves too.

    For these reasons I have decided not to release this with an optional 'loose files' version (ie dds files in folders and sub folders) as I do not want any performance related questions, only to find thats the cause. If you want to go that way regardless of the above information then you can unpack the Ba2 files yourself using this tool: Bethesda Archive Extractor (B.A.E.)
    (Thank you to DankRafft for kindly directing me to using this method)

    I have include an esl file for each sized pack if you prefer to install the mod that way or don't want to use esp files.

    If you don't aready know what the esl files are or for, how to activate them, why you may want one, the risks vs rewards or have the right version of the game to use one, then you probably shouldn't be using them. Please don't ask. For those who want to know either search for the information, or read the section on Light Master files here. Please do not ask for an explanation here in the thread or it will be deleted.


    For those who do know what they are, I have already run 'Compact Active File Form IDs' to reduce bloat and raise the upper mod limit. But feel free to make your own so you know that for sure.

    Happy reading.
  3. shaggy08251993
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    I'm late to discover this retexture, but damn they look good! The default diner textures may very well be the worst in the entire game. I love how you gave it a rusted chrome look, too. Fantastic!
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    Anyone having an issue with the Sanctuary bridge textures not appearing with the HIGH and VERY High esls? Everything else appears to be working, but the bridge seems to not want to load correctly. Works fine with the ESP.
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    Is there anyway to only use certain textures? I would just like to use the diner retextures as I already have other textures for everything else
    1. Neydzz
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      As the author states in the above sticky note, you can extract the textures from the ba2 archive using Bethesda Archive Extractor, and then either delete the textures you don't want to use or just let your other textures mods overwrite this in your mod manager.
    2. BeechMasters
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      Not without repacking the files.
  6. EdDante34
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    Been a fan of your work since Fallout 3 and New Vegas, love what you did with the Gomorrah in New Vegas, especially the doors. Your textures are one of the main reasons I go back and play Fallout 3 and New Vegas after all these years.

    I somehow missed this mod, I had no idea you had done anything for Fallout 4. Until now. Here's hoping that one day you'll get the motivation you need to give Fallout 4 the full NMC treatment.

    Thank you for all the work you've done.
    1. NMC
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      Yea, those Gomorrah doors seemed quite fitting, I remember a few other symbols I used too in there, such as some floors...

      Thanks for your kind comment, I appreciate it.
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    o0o0o0o the detail is... immersive ;D
    Thank you for your work!
    Really enjoy this~
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    when i use multiple 4k texture mods my textures load in super low rez when i enter and leave a cell. like i load into my save i can walk around downtown boston, no problem, everything is loading in, but once i walk into a cell and leave everything starts loading in super low rez

    beautiful texture mod btw, i always have this overwriting everything lol
    1. Garymmorris5976
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      Common problem but a few things can be of help, first use Bethini utility to set the ini files & create a Custom.ini for your game second if you use an ENB try tuning off (ForceVideoMemorySize=false) in the enblocal.ini I changed my GPU to a RTX 2080s soon I noticed texture steaming problems returning mostly with LODs not switching correctly. Also I use the Load Accelerator Mod as you load from cell to cell this will load much faster & cleaner (leaks)

      You can add to the Fallout4Prefs.ini if its not there iTexMipMapSkip=1 if you change it to -1 force HD textures to load(I don't use this)try each solution at a time to see which works I use the NMC high & seven other packed texture packs that cover most of the game.

  9. ginosalieri
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    Endorse this mod god work
  10. DevilMcChris
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    Damn, amazing work, thank's you so much !
  11. crimsonskull13
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    Great textures, thank you sir!
  12. tekmage
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    You just keep bringing me back to FO4. Thank you for your hard work. I'm gonna use it with Hein84's Vivid all in one. It looks great even at 480p.