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Gives player an option to get Curie without having to do the "Hole in the Wall" quest, and turn her into synth without having to hunt down Kellogg.

Permissions and credits
Shortcut to finding Curie in Vault 81
Allows to reach Curie in Vault 81 without having to go through the "Hole in the Wall" quest (the quest can be still done even after using the shortcut).
The inaccessible door in Vault81 entry hall can be opened from outside by activating them twice.
Once Curie gets out of the elevator and into the middle of the corridor, her "intro" scene will trigger (she will ask you to take her with you), and she will become available as companion.
If doing the "Hole in the Wall" quest after using the shortcut to get Curie before the quest started, or before Austin got sick, the part where you have to follow Bobby DeLuca to the hidden door will be skipped, and Doctor Forsythe will ask you for the cure right away - if you want, you can still access the secret vault via the hidden door after kicking the wall like DeLuca does (just "activate" the wall).

Shortcut to getting Synth Curie
In vanilla game, player had to go through part of the Main Quest to kill Kellog and get part of his brain to learn about doctor Amari.
All of that can still be done, but player can now also learn about Amari simply by going to Memory Den (it doesn't matter when) and speaking to Irma or Doctor Amari (or at least attempting to start a conversation with her).

Should be compatible with mostly anything, but be wary of mods altering Vault 81 (including the entry hall and secret vault), and mods altering the quest "Hole in the Wall". Such mods may, or may not pose a problem - it will depend on what exactly they change and how.
If you are using the ESL variant, keep in mind that it may not be possible to sort the ESL to load after an ESP, which will make it harder to resolve any potential conficts.
For example, using Player Comments and Head Tracking with this mod's ESP variant might be fine if you make it load after Player Comments, but you cannot use it together with this mod's ESL variant, because you cannot make it load after the Player Comments which then overrides the required changes i made to MS19 quest.

OPTIONAL ESL plugins available (what are ESL plugins)
NOTE: some mod managers may not recognize the ESL plugin, so you might have to activate it manually by editing the plugins.txt file!
If you are switching to these ESL files after using their ESP variants, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the ESP variant of the mod
  2. Load game and make a save without the mod
  3. Install the ESL variant

(similar process applies when switching from ESL back to ESP)