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Ethan Gombos a.k.a. Buttons is a unique, fully voiced companion you can find near Sunshine Tidings Co-Op. His specialties are stealth and sniping. He currently works for the Minutemen but he'll tag along with you no matter your faction choice.

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We would like to expand on this mod by adding a few locations in the future. We need to know from you guys which resources
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Quick Survey for Future Updates

Meet Ethan Gombos, a.k.a. Buttons!
A fully voiced companion you can find by a rusted car near the road to Sunshine Tidings Co-Op.

Who is Buttons?

He hails from Vault 101 and works for the Minutemen. No, he's not the Lone Wanderer. That guy is a jerk.
Buttons specializes in stealth and marksmanship. He has a unique armor and hat and he would be happy to accompany you on your next quest in the
Commonwealth. Want to know more? Why not ask him? Just go to the dam near the road to Sunshine Tidings Co-Op and look for him by a rusty old car.

(You can read Buttons' bio here and get to know his origin story in our webcomic, Wasted Homeland. The comic is still in the making so make sure to subscribe for updates!)

Version 1.3 patch notes

  • Corrected material pathing (custom Arefu decal should work now)
  • Over 90 New Lines of Dialogue Added
  • Reworked his Workshop AI package (he'll idle further out and you can build without interference)
  • He should not prompt conversation without player activation anymore
  • Player can remove his outfit and wear it or re-equip it
  • Removal from Power Armor functionality (You can only dismiss him if he is NOT in Power Armor. This is an intended function so you can't lose your Power Armor)
  • Started to add Affinity framework (He dislikes cannibalism so far, but it doesn't have an effect on your relationship as of now)

What can I have him do?

  • Buttons will follow you around and fight by your side if you get in trouble. Don't expect him to initiate conflict - he's kind of a coward. (For your convenience, he can’t die.)
  • Have him carry your stuff! He's not very strong but he won't complain... much.
  • You can take his hat off if you don’t like it. Or have no taste. 
  • You can ask a bunch of questions from him and learn more about his past and previous experiences in DC.
  • You can commandeer him around, just like you could any other companion.
  • He can be dismissed and sent to your settlements where you can give him jobs. We recommend sending him to Sunshine Tidings Co-Op and assigning him to guard duty or caravan work if you want to keep him in character.
  • To make sure your game experience doesn’t suffer, your faction choices and actions will not affect his relationship with you. There is also no relationship affinity. If you want to role-play with him, he’s best as a follower for Minutemen/Railroad/Independent characters. He is canonically standoffish with BoS allies and unfamiliar/hostile towards Institute aligned Sole Survivors.


If this is your first mod ever to install (you're better than that):
Open up "Fallout4Custom.ini" with notepad located in Documents/My Games/Fallout4 and add:


Otherwise, just install with Nexus Mod Manager or download manually and extract the archive contents to:

Mods we recommend to use with Buttons for a well-rounded experience:

Potential future updates:

  • Relationship affinity and Buttons' own perk
  • Meg trading post and NPC
  • Quest associated to Meg and Buttons


Please refrain from uploading or re-uploading this mod anywhere.


Cameron August (aka Tayko) – modding, writing, editing
Gabriella Antali (aka GalooGameLady) – character creator/owner, writing, art
Zane Schacht – voice acting, writing
Our Patreon supporters – thank you so much for your help! We couldn’t have done this without you! <3

Where to find us:

Wasted Homeland webcomic – the story of our Lone Wanderer and Buttons
Side Stories webcomic – other short stories with our Fallout characters
Wasted Homeland Patreon – support us for larger files, WIPs and custom art!
Cameron’s art blog
Galoo’s art blog
Zane’s voice acting