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Equalizer .38 Long for your early game use! This is a player only weapon! In addition to gun there are also links to all of my settlement MOD's!

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And now, Ragoda, with Rapid Wombat Productions, and with Lucky Dodo Media presents:

The Equalizer

Equalizer .38 Long, (EqualizerLootCrate.esp),

This is a very powerful version of The Deliverer. Why yet another such gun? Because I use it myself in my games from the start. I don't use any armor, or stacked up powers, or anything else overpowering in my games except this gun. I get easily killed at early game if I am not very careful. But I love how this gun equalizes things for me with baddest monsters in Commonwealth. I don't need to pump 500 rounds into some monster to kill it, all I need is to be nimble enough to avoid it's attacks and use 1-4 accurate shots. I have also now added one (1) picture that should explain specs on gun better than thousand words. Your specs might differ if you downloaded this MOD before I was asked about these values, as I changed them. Besides, this is a bonus feature of this release, as mainly I just wanted to collect links for all of my settlement MOD's into one place.

This gun can be found right next to Vault 111 entrance. Just walk through the metal gates to the burned van outside Vault's exterior area, and look into the wooden crate inside it. There are enough ammo for a small war, and some nice items also I hope. To me looking good in atomic wasteland is more important than armor! :D

Installing this mod couldn't be any simpler: just copy the *.esp file from where you unzipped it into your Fallout4/Data -folder or use MOD manager if you have one!

This MOD is totally vanilla, so only Fallout 4 is needed. As of now, this MOD works fine on my PC, and has done so for a long time, but I have not tested it on other PC's. This means that you might find bugs. Please inform me of those, and I'll do my best to fix them! 

Happy Gaming!