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We have THE SLOG; we have THE SLUG; and now we also have THE SLAG! Saugus Ironworks Exterior turned into new player settlement. Tested and found working!

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This release contains 1 external settlement at Saugus Ironworks Exterior location in the Fallout 4 game. It is a vanilla player settlement site, meaning there is no need for other MOD's or any of the DLC's. There should be no mismatch with other MOD's, apart from those that also affect the same area of course.  

I also highly recommend using some of the wonderful building MOD's, like Homemaker e.g.  I do so myself. 


The SLAG, (TheSlag.esp),
Now this really happened LOL, lets start with Cinedelic's message:
So, might I presume that you're also going to make a settlement over at Saugus Ironworks? And you're going to call it...

The Slag?

And my answer:
Now that IS uncanny! It is in plans for next week, and with THAT name! WOW! With an internal settlement also inside Saugus Ironworks, plus possibly Player Home option (just Workbench that is) in the inner chamber.

In the end it turned out that the Saugus Ironworks Internal settlement was not possible due to sometimes happening bug of Bethesda. Thus I didn't make the inner chamber a player home available either, but The SLAG is here! (I am just a little worried about how well Cinedelic seems to know my mind's warped inner workings...)

_______________ THE SLOG, THE SLUG, THE SLAG and THE JUNK _______________

The Slog
The Slug 
The Slag
 The Junk

This is NOT a game save nor a settlement blueprint!

Installing this mod couldn't be any simpler: just copy the *.esp file from where you unzipped it into your Fallout4/Data -folder or use MOD Manager if you have one!

This MOD is totally vanilla, so only Fallout 4 is needed. As of now, this MOD works fine on my PC, but I have not tested it on other PC's. This means that you might find bugs. Please inform me of those, and I'll do my best to fix them! 

NOTICE: I hate making borders, so this External Settlement doesn't have them. If this is a deal breaker for you, then maybe you want to  make these borders? There is a pretty picture though of building area.

Cautionary Mention: Some of the builds seen in pictures are only examples, they do not exists in MOD! 

Happy gaming!